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EMLL (FRI) 01/27/1989 Arena Coliseo [SuperLuchas]
1) El Volcanico & Magia Azul vs Escudero Rojo & Fuerza Negra
2) Irma Águilar & Irma González vs Maria Del Ángel & Tania
3) Estrella Blanca I, Estrella Blanca III, Estrella Blanca Jr. vs Comando Ruso, Jaque Mate, Pánico
4) Javier Rocca, Mogur, Ringo Mendoza vs Emilio Charles Jr., Tony Arce, Vulcano
5) Blue Demon Jr., El Mágico, Huracán Ramírez vs Masakre, MS-1, Satánico

EMLL, ByL (SUN) 01/29/1989 Arena Coliseo [CMLL, SuperLuchas]
1) Babe Richard b Gorilita Flores [hair]

Event Notes: Show run by the DF ByL comission. The ByL comission planned to honor famous fan Virginia Aguilera, but it was postponed a week so they could do it the same time as memorailizing Santo.

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