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AAA TV (THU) 07/03/2003 Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, Estado de México
1) La Parkita & Máscarita Sagrada 2000 vs Espectrito I & Mini Abismo Negro
2) Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz b Alan, Billy Boy, Decnnis  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Billy was DQed for fouling Escoria after Escoria did the same to Decnnis (and Copetes had broken up a Decnnis submission.) Cuervo challenged for an atomicos title shot.
3) May Flowers, Pimpinela Escarlata, Polvo de Estrellas b Ángel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Cóndor *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Polvo pinned Mr. Condor, but the Diabolicos attacked the tecnicos after the match anyway.
4) Mr. Águila COR Zorro © [UWA LH] * *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Psicosis and Orietnal were seconds. A mystery man in a black mask fouled Zorro on the outside, threw Aguila to beat the count, and fouled Zorro again to make sure he wouldn't make it back in. Title changed hands. Zorro attacked the mystery man post match to unsurprisingly reveal Juventud Guerrera, Aguila's recent ally.
5) Chiva Rayada I, El Chamagol, Oriental vs Histeria, Mosco De La Merced AAA, Psicosis II *
6) La Parka Jr., Lizmark Sr., Octagón vs Abismo Negro, Ghefar, Pentagon Black *

AAA TV (FRI) 07/18/2003 Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas [La Magia del Ring 207, La Magia del Ring 211, RB]
1) Máscarita Sagrada 2000, Octagoncito, Rocky Marvin b Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Chessman, Mini Psicosis *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Mini Chessman's TV debut. Rocky beat Abismo. Twitch only has the entrance.
2) May Flowers, Pimpinela Escarlata, Polvo de Estrellas b El Brazo, Pirata Morgan, Texano
3) El Hijo del Solitario, Latin Lover, Zorro DQ Héctor Garza, Juventud Guerrera, Mr. Águila *
Hector fouled SOlitario.
4) Chessman, Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz b Alan, Billy Boy, Decnnis, Oscar Sevilla © [MEX ATOMICO] *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Electroshock hit Oscar with a chair meaning to hit Chessman, and cost the tecnicos the titles.
5) El Alebrije, Electroshock, Máscara Sagrada AAA DQ Abismo Negro, Charly Manson, Monsther *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
Charly and Electroshock feuded. Chessman, Aguila and Juvi all interfered for the DQ.
6) Gronda, La Parka Jr., Lizmark Sr., Octagón b Cibernético, Ghefar, Jason The Terrible, Leatherface *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
debut of Gronda and Ghefar after they were introduced on TripleMania. Gronda won with a chokeslam on Ghefar after Cibernetico & Pena did things.

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