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AAA TV (WED) 06/01/2005 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí [RB]
1) Lover Boy, Rayo De Plata, Sexy Salazar ?? Black Maravilla, Centella Inca, Gavilán
2) Alan, Billy Boy, Decnnis DQ Ángel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Cóndor *
3) Colorman, el Ángel, Televisa Deportes b Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz *
4) Histeria b Psicosis II, Psicosis I * * PSICOSIS VS PSICOSIS II VS PSICOHISTERIA 2005 (posted by decadas80s90s2000)
5) Intocable, Juventud Guerrera, Zorro b Charly Manson, Hator, Mr. Águila *
6) La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Octagón b Chessman, Fuerza Guerrera, Pirata Morgan *
7) Shocker b Vampiro, Cibernético, Konnan [bull terrier] *

AAA TV (SAT) 06/18/2005 Auditorio Municipal, Torreón, Coahuila [RobViper (Music Video)]
1) Fabi Apache & Martha Villalobos b La Diabólica & Tiffany *
2) Colorman, el Ángel, Televisa Deportes DQ Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz *
3) Corazón de Barrio & Incógnito b Sexy Francis & Sexy Piscis *
4) Alan Stone, Antifaz del Norte, Intocable b Charly Manson, Mr. Águila, Psicosis II * Part 1 (posted by LuchaLibreDeMexico) Part 2 (posted by LuchaLibreDeMexico)
Intocable was injured by a Psicosis springboard dropkick to the back, apparently temporarily paralyzed. He would not wrestle for another four months. Psicosis left the match to brawl with Psi-Histeria at ringside, which lead to a whole bunch of rudos (including Toxico, not otherwise booked on this show) to get involved. Zorro also ran out, distracting Charly so Alan could beat Aguila for the win.
5) Abismo Negro, Chessman, Hator b Latin Lover, Shocker, Zorro * Part 1 (posted by LuchaLibreDeMexico) Part 2 (posted by LuchaLibreDeMexico) Part 3 (posted by LuchaLibreDeMexico)
6) La Parka Jr. DQ Cibernético [lights out] *

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