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IWRG (WED) 08/03/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Brazo De Oro Jr. & Keiser Drago b Fly Tiger & Último Caballero
2) Araña de Plata b Alas de Acero, Guerrero 2000, Aramis, Hanaoka *
Fujin & Raijin were in attendance with a sign rooting on Hanaoka.
3) Dowki, Picudo Jr., Skanda b Black Dragón, Hijo del Alebrije, Yakuza *
4) Judas el Traidor b Black Terry *
Judas somehow snuck in a chain shot to cause Terry to bleed. Then chairs were used and the ref got taken out before the finish. Judas continued to attack after the win, with the FILL kids making the save and making challenges.
5) Dragón Fly b Demonio Infernal [mask] * Demonio vs dragón fly máscara contra mascara(1) (posted by lucha libre) Demonio vs dragón fly máscara contra mascara(2) (posted by lucha libre) Demonio vs dragón máscara contra máscara (posted by lucha libre) Máscara vs marcará demonio vs dragón fly 4 (posted by lucha libre)
Bombero Infernal attacked Dragon Fly on the way to the ring and helped Demonio thru the match. Aramis helped out Dragon Fly, who took falls 2/3 to win in a bloody match. Demonio Infernal is José Antonio Rojas, 3 years a wrestler.

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IWRG (SUN) 08/07/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Skanda b Omega Skanda 7 agosto (posted by lucha libre) Skanda 7 agosto 2 (posted by lucha libre) Skanda 7 agosto 3 (posted by lucha libre)
Skanda switched placed with Demonio Infernal
2) Demonio Infernal & Violencia Jr. b Black Dragón & Dragón Fly Demonio infernal 7 agosto 2 (posted by lucha libre) Demonio infernal 7 agosto 3 (posted by lucha libre) Demonio infernal 7 agosto(1) (posted by lucha libre)
Demonio Infernal switched spots with Skanda and got revenge on the man who unmasked him Wednesday.
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Diablo Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Imposible * Black Terry, Dr Cerebro y Cerebro Negro vs Hijo del Diablo, Imposible y Diablo Jr, IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
good match, won via foul on Diablo Jr.
4) Hijo De Dos Caras, Negro Navarro, Trauma II b Herodes Jr., Relámpago, Silver King Hijo de Dos Caras, Negro Navarro y Trauma II vs Silver King, Herodes Jr y Relampago. (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Silver King, Herodes Jr y Relámpago vs H de Dos Caras, Negro Navarro y Trauma II, IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
Dos beat Silver, who argued it wasn't three and demanded a rematch.
5) Trauma I b Mr. Electro © [IWRG IC HEAVY] * Mr  Elektro vs Trauma I  CAMPEONATO PESO COMPLETO IWRG (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Mr. Electro vs. Trauma I, Campeonato Completo IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
Trauma I won the title when Canis fouled Electro. Electro had zero defenses.
6) Canis Lupus b Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [hair, mask] * Canis vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr   ¡¡¡ MÁSCARA vs CABELLERA !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Máscara Año 2000 Jr vs Canis Lupus, Máscara vs Cabellera (posted by mluchatv)
Weapons brawl. Hijo de Dos, Mascara's second, accidentally hit him with a chair. Trauma added his own chair shot and got the win and Mascara's hair. Lupus and Trauma I agreed to a hair match on 09/04.

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IWRG (WED) 08/10/2016 Arena Naucalpan [The Gladiatores]
1) Keiser Drago & Shadow Boy b Adrenalina & Fly Tiger
2) Dowki, Hanaoka, Yakuza b Black Dragón, Fireman, Omega *
3) Alas de Acero, Aramis, Araña de Plata, Galaxy, Guerrero 2000 b Eddy Santos, Rosario Negro, Vengador, Viajero Extremo, Viajero Jr. *
4) Bombero Infernal, Demonio Infernal, Hip Hop Man b Dragón Fly, Emperador Azteca, Hijo del Alebrije *
Infernales & Hip Hop Man didn't get along - the Infernales wanted to beat Dragon Fly themselves to avenge Demonio's mask loss, but it was Hip Hop Man who stole the pine by unmasking Dragon Fly.
5) Black Terry DRAW Judas el Traidor [super libre] *
bloody match, ending in a double pin draw. Hair match challenges were made, but no date was set.

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IWRG (SUN) 08/14/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), Estrellas del RIng, The Gladiatores]
1) Adrenalina b Fireman
2) Astro & Black Dragón b Picudo Jr. & Skanda
3) Dowki, Hanaoka, Yakuza b Dragón Fly, Emperador Azteca, Vampiro Metálico * Yakuza, Douky y Hanaoka vs Emperador Azteca, Dragón Fly y Vampiro Metálico. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Vampiro Metalico replaced Freelance.
4) Diablo Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Imposible b Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro [super libre] * Los Terribles Cerebros vs Los Mariachis, IWRG Arena Naucalpan (14 agosto 2016) (posted by +LuchaTV)
Hijo del Diablo fouled Terry, which is legal in super libre. Those two want a single match.
5) Chicano, Pantera I, Súper Nova b Dr. Cerebro, Killer Jr., Relámpago * Súper Nova, Chicano y Pantera I vs Relámpago, Dr. Cerebro y Killer Jr. IWRG (posted by +LuchaTV) Súper Nova, Chicano y Pantera I vs Relámpago, Dr. Cerebro y The Killer Jr. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Dr. Cerbero worked twice, replaced Negro Navarro
6) Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Negro Navarro b Canis Lupus & Hijo De Dos Caras * Hijo de Dos Caras y Canis Lupus vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. y Negro Navarro, IWRG (14 agosto 2016) (posted by +LuchaTV)
Negro Navarro replaced X-Fly (but bled all the same.) Straight fall win for his team, Mascara snuck in a foul on Canis. Mascara wants a Junior title shot from Dos. Canis said he'd end Navarro's career and take Trauma I's mask.

source: https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8813/28393353113_757933b6d6_b.jpg


IWRG (WED) 08/17/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Brazo De Oro Jr. & Fly Tiger b Shadow Boy & Último Caballero
2) Dowki, Hanaoka, Yakuza b Adrenalina, Alas de Acero, Aramis *
3) Bombero Infernal, Demonio Infernal, Violencia Jr. b Black Dragón, Emperador Azteca, Hijo del Alebrije *
4) Dragón Fly b Hip Hop Man *
Dragon Fly took 2/3, wants a shot at Hip Hop Man's Argentina championship.
5) Black Terry b Judas el Traidor [hair] *
Judas used the ropes to pin Terry in the first, Terry did the same in the second. Terry submitted Judas in the third. Judas gave Terry credit for being a legend of lucha libre.

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IWRG (SUN) 08/21/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Black Dragón & Omega b Araña de Plata & Guerrero 2000
straight falls. Omega replaced Alas de Acero (double booked, couldn't make it in time?)
2) Diosa Atenea, Miss Gaviota, Relámpago DQ Diva Salvaje, Judas el Traidor, Lilith Dark [Relevos Increíbles]
Salvaje fouled Gaviota
3) Diablo Jr. & El Hijo del Diablo b Black Terry & Cerebro Negro Black Terry y Cerebro Negro vs Hijo del Diablo y Diablo Jr. IWRG Arena Naucalpan (posted by +LuchaTV)
Diablos won via foul. Diablo Jr. wants a title shot at Cerbero Negro, while Terry wants a rematch in super libre with Hijo del Diablo, or even a title match.
4) Herodes Jr., Imposible, Toscano b Chicano, Pantera I, Veneno Pantera I, Veneno y Toscano vs El Imposible, Toscano y Herodes Jr. IWRG (posted by +LuchaTV)
Prior to the match, Imposible surprisingly relinquished the lightweight championship. He said he feels he's a middleweight now and wants to go after that championship. This upset Pantera I (and the fans), who had wanted a title rematch against Imposible. Imposible cheated to beat Pantera I and mask match challenges followed.
5) Hijo De Dos Caras © DQ Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [IWRG JUNIORS] Hijo de Dos Caras vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., campeonato Junior de Juniors IWRG (posted by +LuchaTV)
first defense. Dos took 1/3. Mascara puled the mask, got the three count, and then referee Maya figured out what had occurred and called the DQ

source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqfRu0kUMAEwuTS.jpg


IWRG (WED) 08/24/2016 Arena Naucalpan [The Gladiatores]
1) Fly Tiger b Keiser Drago
2) Cadilac & Shadow Boy b Rosario Negro & Viajero Extremo *
3) Astro, Black Dragón, Hijo del Alebrije b Hanaoka, Skanda, Yakuza *
4) Black Terry, Emperador Azteca, Veneno b Bombero Infernal, Demonio Infernal, Judas el Traidor Skanda rudo 24 agosto 3 (posted by lucha libre) Skanda rudo 24 agosto(1) (posted by lucha libre) Skanda rudo 24 agosto(2) (posted by lucha libre)
5) Dragón Fly b Hip Hop Man © [AIWA ARGENTINA CRUISER] *
Dragon Fly won the championship, taking falls 1/3. Hip Hop man falls on his third (?) defense, and appeared to have a shoulder injury after armbar Dragon Fly used to win.

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