Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois : 2012

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GALLI (SUN) 12/16/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois [kc]
1) Atómico, Flash Metal, Golden Dragón b Chico Suave, Dark Scorpion, El Traidor
Chico Suave is the former ref Peluchin/Rudochi. Golden beat Chico.
2) Jake Shinning b Matt Creed
The Soul Touchaz did not appear and Creed's usual parnter Tom Heissman was hurt the night before, so this was a unscheudled singles match. Shinning won via Superkick.
3) Mike Anthony & Punisher 747 b Pentagano & Pentagano Jr.
Junior was tied to the post while the rudos beat up Pentagano and won.
4) Jon Morales & Matt Knicks b Freek & Joe Fiorz
Freek & Fiorz were newcomers who won over the crowd but lost after a Morales foul on Freek.
5) Ripper b GPA
Ripper goes thru another former partner, and got Dante to agree to a cage match on January 6, which would be GALLI's first ever.
6) Negrotistico b Mason Conrad [GALLI CHAMP, #1 Contenders]
Manson complained about Acid Jazz not being there and said there was no one worth facing, which led to Negrotistico challenging him to a match, and beatinghim for a title shot.
7) Calvin Beckham b Discovery, Emperador Azteca, Noreiga, El Bandolero, Fúnebre [hair] Discovery, Bandolero & Noriega VS Funebre, Nino Bonito(Calvin Bakham) y Emperador Azteca (posted by gallilucha)
reverse elimination rules - you beat someone, you escape the match (and you hang around outside to interfere). Order of escape: Funebre, Bandolero, Emperador Azteca, Noriega to leave it as Beckham's hair vs Discovery's mask. Tecnicos took the rudos masks and chased them to the back, and Discovery beat Beckham clean to take his hair.

GALLI (SUN) 12/09/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois [KC]
1) Calvin Beckham & Dark Scorpion b Matt Creed & Tom Heisman
Calvin beat Creed to give Youth Gone Wild another loss.
2) GPA, Mike Anthony, Mojo McQueen b Golden Dragón, Pentagano, Pentagano Jr.
Rare (first?) match by Pentagono's son, who pulled off flying headscissors here. Referee Pelochin kept 'accidentally' helping the rudos. Golden Dragon and the ref fought, leading to a single match between them next week. Pelochin redubbed himself Rudochi.
3) El Traidor & Fúnebre b Atómico & Furia Roja
Ref Rudochi helped the rudos here, allowing Traidor to foul Atomico.
4) Ripper b Punisher 747 [lumberjack]
Punihser 747 replaced Dante DVS, who claimed he had a doctor's note which would not let him wrestle. Youth Gone Wild, Golden Dragon were tecnico lumberjacks. GPA, Mike Anthony, Mojo McQueen (managed by DVS) were rudo lumberjacks, with (rudo but angry at DVS) Robert Michaels as special enforcer, and Michaels was annoyed into hitting 747 with his chain to give Ripper the win.
5) Jake Shining, Jon Morales, Mason Conrad, Matt Knicks b Acid Jazz, Marshe Rockett, Negrotistico, Willie Richardson
Jazz's quartet called themselves the Urban Justice League. The opposition was the Syndicate. Manager Matt Russo held down Negrotistico's legs from outside to set up a Mason pin. This sets up a Mason/Jazz no DQ match for next week and a trios with the others.
6) Discovery b Emperador Azteca [NWA MEXICO LIGHT] Discovery VS Emperador Azteca Campeonato NWA Mexico 12-16-2012 (posted by gallilucha)
Discovery was champion and kept the belt, despite Calvin Beckhan interfering. It was announced Rey Fuego was hurt and unable to be in next week's mask/hair match, so Discovery would take his place!

GALLI (SUN) 11/25/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois [KC]
1) Ripper DQ Mike Anthony
Anthony low blow dropkicked Ripper, and Ripper managed to get the foul call. This sets up a fans hold the straps strap match between Ripper and Anthony's manager Dante DVS on 12/09
2) Dark Scorpion & El Traidor b Matt Creed & Tommy Heisman
good match, Traidor wins via Gori Special. Traidor demanded rival Atomico come out to face him
3) Atómico b El Traidor
quick match.
4) Marshe Rockett & Willie Richardson b Jon Morales & Matt Knicks
5) Bryce Bengajmin & Golden Dragón b Mojo McQueen & Rob Michaels
Bryne pinned McQueen. Mojo's manager Dante DVS blamed Rob for the loss, slapping him. Michaels choked out DVS with his chain until Mojo & Anthony made the save.
6) Jake Shinning b Acid Jazz [GALLI CHAMP] Acid Jazz VS Jake Shining
Mason Conard, who also earned this title shot last week, was not presented with the ring announcer noticing it. Shinning's friends Morales, Knicks and manager Jason Russo interfered. The wrestlers were run off by the rest of the Soul Touchaz, but Russo still managed to blow Chocolate mist in Jazz's face to blind him, and Shinning superkicked Jazz to win the title. Shinning pointed at Extreme Tiger after the match.
7) El Bandolero & Noriega b Azteca & Calvin Beckham Noriega & Bandolero VS Emperador Azteca & Calvin Bekham
switched to a pairs match because Fuego couldn't make the show; Furia Roja snuck into give Beckham a Sliced Bread #2 to give the tecnicos the win. Furia went to shave Beckham, but Funebre ran in for the rudos - then Discovery returned to help the tecnicos! Matches were made for 12/09 (Discovery vs Azteca) and 12/16 (Beckham, Azteca, Funebre vs Rey Fuego, Noriega and Bandolero, elimination match, final two in an apuesta match, admission free with a gift for the toy drive.)

GALLI (SUN) 11/18/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois [me]
1) Adrenalina, Matt Creed, Tommy Heisman b Punisher 747, Rob Michaels, Willie Bling
Tecnicos won when rudo manager Dante DVS threw powder in his own man's face by mistake.
2) Atómico b Matt Knicks
Matt Knicks was wearing a Burger King crown, may have been celebrating his birthday, still lost.
3) GPA & Mojo Maqueen b Furia Roja & Ripper
GPA pinned Ripper after GPA's manager Dante DVS hit Ripper with chair as he tried a quebrada. DVS had the chair ready to hit Ripper before Ripper even started moving to the ropes, and he wasn't moving that fast. Challenges were made for a GPA vs Ripper match next week.
4) Pentagono b Fúnebre
Both men had their sons in their corners, and Funebre had Emperador Azteca as his official second. The young sons fought near the end. Pentagon appears to be a long time rudo recently turned face, but Funebre has a vocal section of supporters that overpowered any other reaction. They appeared to go with that at first, but eventually went back to their planned rudo/tecnico alignment. Bloody, mask ripping match. Rudos double teamed Petagono after the match until Noriega made the save.
5) Jake Shining, Jon Morales, Mason Conrad b Acid Jazz, Marshe Rockett, Negrotistico Lucha Libre Internacional GALLI 11-13-2012 (posted by gallilucha)
In the match ending free for all, rudo manager James Russo grabbed Jazz's GALLI World Championship belt, blocked a Jazz punch with it, and hit Jazz in the head. Conrad and Shining both crawled in and covered at the same time for the win, and both demanded to get a title shot next week. It was eventually agreed to be a triangle match.
6) El Bandolero, Golden Dragón, Rey Fuego b Calvin Bekham & El Traidor
unadvertised match. Set up by something the rudos had done to Rey Fuego the previous week, though not especially clear. Despite the odd tecnico advantage, proceeded more or less like a normal match.
7) Emperador Azteca NC Noriega [mask, hair] Lucha Libre Internacional GALLI 11-13-2012 (posted by gallilucha)
As in the other big singles match, the rudo faction loudly cheered for Azteca (the Mexican against a Puerto Rican), but Noriega was more supported than Pentagono. Both men bleed, Noriega getting a cut on his arm at some point. Noriega survived two run-ins - first by Funebre, then by Calvin Bekham - with each interfere hitting a big move, and walking all the way to the back before Noriega kicked out. Noriega started to make a comeback, then Noriega and Funebre ran back in. No decision was announced. Rudos got the razor and shaved a bit off the side of Noriega's head. Rey Fuego & Bandolero belatedly appeared to make the save, and this sets up a six man for next week.

GALLI (SUN) 10/21/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois
1) Chief Wilmo vs Jon Morales
2) Jazz & Negrotistico vs Matt Knicks & Ovirload
3) El Bandolero, Furia Roja, Rey Fuego vs Mojo McQueen, Punisher 747, Willie Bling Lucha Libre Internacional
4) ?, Atómico, Golden Dragón vs Dark Scorpion, El Traidor, Fúnebre
5) Marshe Rockett & Willie Richardson vs GPA & Rob Michaels [GALLI TAG]
6) Jake Shining vs Mason Conrad
7) Rebelde Noriega vs El Traidor Lucha Libre Internacional

GALLI (SUN) 09/16/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois
1) Matt Creed & Tommy Heisman vs Punisher 747 & Willie Bling
2) Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon vs El Traidor & Ripper Lucha Libre GALLI 09-16-2012 Villa Park, Illinois (posted by gallilucha)
3) El Bandolero, Jake Shining, Negrotistico vs Mason Conrad, Matt Knicks, Ovirload
4) Atómico, Golden Dragón, Pentagono vs Calvin Beckham, Destructor Alfa, Fúnebre Lucha Libre GALLI 09-16-2012 Villa Park, Illinois (posted by gallilucha)
5) Jarod Priest, Noriega, Willie Richardson vs GPA, Mojo McQueen, Rob Michaels
6) Discovery vs Emperador Azteca [NWA MEX LIGHT]

GALLI (SUN) 09/09/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois
1) Atómico, El Bandolero, Golden Dragón, Pentagono vs Alfa, El Traidor, Emperador Azteca, Fúnebre Lucha Libre GALLI 09/09/2012 (posted by gallilucha)
2) Discovery & Ripper vs Punisher 747 & Willie E Bling Lucha Libre GALLI 09/09/2012 (posted by gallilucha)
3) Furia Roja, Jake Shining, Negrotistico Fantástico vs Kenny Sutra, Matt Knicks, Ovirload Lucha Libre GALLI 09/09/2012 Parte#2 (posted by gallilucha)
4) Rebelde Noriega vs Mojo McQueen [GALLI INTL] Lucha Libre GALLI 09/09/2012 Parte#2 (posted by gallilucha)

indy (SAT) 02/11/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois
1) GPA, Ripper, Rob Michaels b Dark Scorpion, El Bandolero, Venganza
2) Flash Metal & Pentágono b Destructor Alfa & Fúnebre
3) Joshua Cristian, Mason Conrad, Overloid b Acid Jazz, Jake Shining, Serpiente
4) Emperador Azteca & Gigoló American b Atómico & Rey Fuego
5) Skayde TLDRAW Discovery

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