Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M : 2011

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LLUSA (SAT) 08/27/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Chirssy Cialis & Vladamiro b Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween
Rebecca Reyes & Evil Park attacked the tecnicso before the match.
2) Mr. Águila b Huracán Ramírez Jr.
whichever Huracan Ramriez Jr. apparently gassed early.
3) Celestial & Magno b Jon Rekon & Petey Williams
Non-title. Celestial is the Perros del Mal mini. Petey pulled Magnos' mask, but he had another one behind it. Rekon was blinded by an eye rake, then took out Petey to give the luchadors the win.
4) El Hijo de Aníbal b Chi Chi
5) Lady Luck b Rebceca Reyes [lingerie]
In a skit earlier, Lady Luck had debuted, helping Good Mini Park against Reyes and Evil Mini Park and setting up this match. Luck won, 2 pieces of clothing to 1.
6) Mr. Águila & Oriental DQ Lizmark Jr. & Tinieblas Jr.
Tineiblas & Lizmark, part of Sol, had earlier threatened Oriental, with Aguila offering to team with him. Two masked Sol members ran in for the DQ. Those two men seemingly randomlly turned on each other, with one being revealed as Sydistiko and the other as Anibal Jr. Tinieblas, Anibal (and maybe Oriental?) were run off. Aguila, Lizmark and Sydistiko are the new version of Treachery. A later skit reenforced the idea of a trios feud between the two remixed sides.
7) Marco Corleone b Stevie Richards
based off an earlier confronation between Stevie and the international tecnico group. Marco won clean.
8) RJ Brewer © b Magno [LLUSA HEAVY]
first time Brewer was able to defeat Mango, thought it took pulling his tights. Both groups brawled after the match, teasing the Marco/RJ title match.
9) PR Flyer & San Juan Kid b Rocky Romero & Súper Nova and Máscara Púrpura & Medianoche [#1 Contenders, LLUSA TAG, TLC]
spotfest. Rekon & Williams ran in to tie Nova & Romero to the ropes to stop them from winning the shot, but couldn't stop the PR Powers.

LLUSA (SAT) 07/30/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) PR Flyer & San Juan Kid b Diamon Face & Máscara Púrpura
three guys who were mostly missing from the last 'season', and one guy who's probably a MTY guy with a slightly different name.
2) Mr. Águila b El Hijo de Aníbal
Anibal was built up as a tecnico, but then got angry at the ref after being rolled up for the loss.
3) Magno DQ Petey Williams
Stevie Richards, a member of The Right, with Williams, ran in for the DQ. Other members John Rekon and Brewer helped, until Marco made the save. The Right offered Marco a spot, but Marco instead made a anti-racism promo (hooray!) and Rocky Romero & Super Nova turned up for a eight man brawl
4) Stevie Richards b Rocky Romero
distraction by Petey to set up the win. Marco tried to make the save agian, but Kip (Billy) Gunn took him out.
5) Oriental b Chi Chi
Pequeno Halloween was with Chi Chi, and was randomlly attacked by Mini Park. Oriental pinned Chi Chi in the meantime. Rebecca Reyes turned up after the match to dance with Park. OK!
6) Marco Corleone b Kip Gunn
The Right interference did not work this time. More brawling between the Right and the tecnicos post match. Marco declared the four tecnicos (Romero, Nova, Magno) as The International Alliance
7) Súper Nova b Petey Williams
Before the match, The Right tried to rename the promotion Professional Wrestling USA: American Warriors and ban all masked, minis and women from the promotion. A rep of the LLUSA commision said 'no', and set up this match and the title match to come
8) Magno b Kip Gunn
Barely a match. Kip Gunn vowed to destroy Magno to make up for the loss to Marco, and told the ref to count Magno out. Magno slipped in the ring, cradled Kip, and got the three count.
9) Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween b Mini Park II & Vladamiro
the Mini Park who turned on Halloween was in fact a Fake Evil Mini Park (!!!!). The real one showed up and attacked him during this match. Halloween beat Evil Red Mini Park for the win.
10) Lizmark Jr. DQ RJ Brewer
Lizmark getting his title rematch; he'd appeared earlier in the show declaring he was a fighting champ when he was champ and Brewer should do the same, and also blaming a deal with the (mostly absent) Sol group for his loss. The Right was banned from ringisde. Sol was less absent here, running in at the end to help out Lizmark. They tossed Lizmark's cane to him, but Brewer got it and smacked Lizmark. Ref saw the cane, and called the DQ. No title change.

Event Notes: This taping sounds vastly entertaining. LLUSA announced Charlie Malice Jr. will debut on the next taping. Hmmmm. Not sure of the next taping (or when this might ever air, of course), but if you like to read the tea leaves, it's interesting to note they stopped using licensed music and went to using generic themes instead.

MW (SAT) 06/18/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Rocky Romero b Petey Williams
building up a match between their teams for the tag titles in week 3.
2) Oriental b Tinieblas Jr.
Oriental called Tinieblas out; Tinieblas turned on him last taping. Tinieblas first showed up in his Sol mask from the turn angle. After the loss, the other Sol members attacked Oriental. Mr. Aguila ran into make the save, but turned on Oriental
3) Marco Corleone b Head Hunter I & Head Hunter II
Marco got a title shot with a win. Lizmark picked the opponents. RJ Brewer, also due a title shot, was at the announce desk.
4) Súper Nova COR Jon Rekon
partners of Romero/Williams
5) Mr. Águila b Oriental
6) Jay Lethal b Medianoche
Mini Halloween was with Lethal, Mini Park with Medianoche. Halloween convinced Park to team up with him after the match.
7) Jon Rekon & Petey Williams b Rocky Romero & Súper Nova [LLUSA TAG]
8) Mini Park, Octagoncito, Pequeño Halloween b Chrissy Cialis, Rebecca Reyes, Vladamiro
Match was originally announced (at least one shows prior) as the three rudos (2 women, 1 mini) vs Mini Halloween alone, but he found some partners. Halloween defeated his ex-wife for the win.
9) RJ Brewer b Lizmark Jr. ©, Marco Corleone [LLUSA HEAVY]
stips were Lizmark's title vs RJ's faction (would have to split if he lost) vs Marco's hair. Lizmark apparently was also leading the Sol group, who interfered in this match. Marco took out the Sol, Lizmark cracked him with a cane, and color announcer Steve Richards ran in to superkick Lizmark. Brewer picked up the pin and the title. The Right (Brewer, Rekon, Williams and now Richards) celebrated having all the belts.

MW (SAT) 05/28/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Nikki Corleone b Chrissy Cialis
two female fans (plants) ran in before the match.

After the match, a three way confronation between the Right, Marco, and Lizmark Jr. led to Lizmark offering to pick singles maches for Marco & RJ Brewer; if they won, they might get a title shot

2) Marco Corleone DCOR Sydistiko
Sydistiko taunted Marco with a photo of Shane Helms in the hospital after his car accident. They fought outside for the countout.
3) Vladamiro b Máscarita Dorada
before the match started, Rekon of the Right attacked Dorada as well as Mini Park and Mini Octagoncito. Vladamiro took advantage for the easy win.
4) Chrissy Cialis & Tigresa Caliente b Mini Park & Octagoncito
minis were still hurting from Rekon's attack.
5) Sol I & Sol II b Oriental © [LLUSA TAG]
The Sols were the people getting involved in Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. matches previously. Tinieblas was not there, so Oriental took them both on and lost. Mr. Aguila made the save after the match (Invasors sticking together! probably not.) They were able to unmask one of Sol, who turned out to be Tinieblas Jr. Oriental could not believe it. After, it was announced the tag team titles were vacant because they changed hands in a handicap match.
6) Rocky Romero & Súper Nova b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid
sounds like a very good match. In an unrelated skit between matches, Rebecca Reyes turned heel on Mini Halloween, claiming she had actually married him to divorce him and get half of his money (!?!?), but it turned out Mini Halloween had not actually signed the marriage papers and instead filed a restraining order.
7) Jon Rekon & Petey Williams b Jay Lethal & Magno
Lethal was wearing his Macho Man gear, a surprise partner since Romero & Nova had just wrestled. Rekon dropped Magno with a Samoan Drop and Petey picked up the win. Petey got in a shoving fight with a planted fan after the match.
8) RJ Brewer b Psicosis II
presumbably Lizmark's challenge match for Brewer. Poor Psicosis can't win a singles match anywhere!
9) Lizmark Jr. © b Rocky Romero [LLUSA HEAVY]
Rocky challenged Lizmark to prove he was tough by defending his title. Said to be a good match, Lizmark winning clean.

MW (SAT) 03/19/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M
1) Nikki Roxx, ODB, Rebecca Reyes vs Jackie Moore, Krissy Vaine, Tigresa Caliente
2) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs Máscarita Dorada & Mini Park
3) Jon Rekon, Petey Williams, RJ Brewer vs Magno, Rocky Romero, Súper Nova
4) Rellik & Sydistiko vs Marco Corleone & Shane Helms
5) Petey Williams vs RJ Brewer, Charly Malice, Rocky Romero, Shane Helms, Marco Corleone, Sydistiko, Rellik [lucha roulette]
6) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs Magno & Súper Nova

MW (SAT) 02/19/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. © DQ Charly Malice & Rocky Romero [LLUSA TAG]
the unknown masked men who'd been helping Oriental & Tinieblas on the last taping this time ran in to attack Oriental (who got the win by DQ)
2) Marco Corleone & Shane Helms b Hijo del Lizmark & Sydistiko
Helms chokeslammed Sydistiko for the win. Marco challenged Lizmark to a title match.
3) Magno & Súper Nova b Petey Williams & RJ Brewer [Ladder]
May not have been an offical match. Brewer and Williams had previously stolen the tecnicos masks, put them in a bag, and intended to burn them. the bag was suspended from the ceiling, so a ladder match broke out. Presumbably Nova & Magno had other masks for this match. Tecnicos got the bag, only to find a red white blue pinata inside.
4) LA Park b Octagoncito, Chi Chi, Último Dragóncito (?), Tigresa Caliente, Máscarita Dorada, Pequeño Halloween, Mini Park, ODB, Mini Súper Ratón (?) [rumble]
royal rumble match of minis, exoticos, women, and LA Park. First seven were in befoer any elimiantions. LA Park eliminated Chi Chi to win. Mystery minis were in a light blue Ultimo Dragon outfit (which sounds like the CMLL guy) and mouse ears (maybe Baby Rabbit?)
5) Shane Helms DQ Sydistiko
Sydistiko kicked out of Helms big moves, but fouled him in desperation. Sydistiko trapped Helms in chairs after the match, and jumped off hte top rope onto a chair that was on Helms' arm. He was going for the same thing on Helms' head when Marco made the save.
6) Máscarita Dorada & Mr. Griegos b Pequeño Halloween & Vladamiro
possibly a dark match. Mr. Griegos is a facutly member from University of New Mexico
7) LA Park b Petey Williams
clean win for Park.

Event Notes: in between matches 3/4, Lizmark recieved a free night on the city from the casino. Skit to come, for sure. Building was 1/3rd full.

MW (SAT) 01/22/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [Pro Wrestling Torch]
1) Jon Rekon b Medianoche
Rekon (originally listed as Jon Revell) is Strong Man. Squash. Rekon took MediaNoche's mask as part of The Right's mask collection. Super Nova tried to make the save, was fought off.
2) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid *
The mystery man who was getting involved in tag matches ran in here, but hurt his knee on a missile dropkick. A second mystery man also ran in and set up the finish.
3) Marco Corleone DQ Sydistiko *
Rellik & Lizmark ran in for the DQ. Shane Helms debuted making the save.
4) Magno b RJ Brewer [hair] *
built up on the last set of tapings. Brewer had Petey Williams and Lizzy Valentine with him, and won the match with a chain punch. Referee noticed the chain and restarted the match. Brewer tried to run out on the stip, but Rocky Romero cut him off and returned him for the haircut.
5) Petey Williams b Charly Malice *
Brewer helped give Petey the win.
6) Jon Rekon b Magno *
Rekon joined the Petey/RJ/Lizzy group (The Right) before the match. Magno was squashed, as were Super Nova & Rocky Romero
7) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid and Rellik & Sydistiko [LLUSA TAG] *
Top three teams in a decision match for the teams. Mysterious men in black got involved again, and Tinieblas took advantage to win the titles
8) Máscarita Dorada, Mini Park, Octagoncito b Pequeño Halloween, Tigresa Caliente, Vladamiro
Tigresa chatted on her phone and didn't participate. Her partners tagged her in, and Tigresa angrily attacked everyone. Giant woman Isis debut to fight her to the back (epic), and Dorada won the match
9) Shane Helms DQ Lizmark Jr.
Lizmark fouled Helms for the DQ. Marco helped run off Treachery post match.

Event Notes: Nine matches probably means three shows. They now have five episodes to air, and no defined air date. Last time, they were saying late January. This taping, they were just saying 'soon'. Not a promising sign, and not a really good night for the the tecnicos. Strange that Super Nova and Rocky Romero both worked multiple shows without getting a match. Recapper notes a lot of delays between matches.

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