Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California : 2014

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LU (SUN) 10/19/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California [WrestleHeads]
1) Drago b Angélico, Son of Havoc, Pentagón Jr.
dark match, four way.
2) Bael, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco b Aerostar, Argenis, Súper Fly *
Bael is B-Boy's name. They explained their attack on Big Ryck after the match.
3) Fénix b Mil Muertes *
Mil attacked the referee after the loss, and Catrina gave him the lick of death.
4) Prince Puma DQ Cage [LU Champ] * Lucha Underground 1/28/15: Prince Puma vs Cage - FULL MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
2nd defense. DQ not specified. Cage attacked Puma post match. Konnan tried to make the save with the cane but got laid out by Cage with the title belt and bled. Cage ripped the Lucha Underground title in half and left both Konnan and Puma on the mat to end the show.
5) Blue Demon Jr., Máscarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Sexy Star b Chavo Guerrero Jr., El Americano, King Cuerno, Mariachi Loco
bonus dark match

LU (SAT) 10/18/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Son of Havoc b El Americano
unnamed opponent described as a Capitan American knockoff. Havoc did a promo before the match. Dark match
2) Cage b Angélico, Aerostar, Argenis *
AAA debutantes looked good in their spots, but this was more about getting Cage over. The next segment (unrelated to the match) had Chavo Guerrero Jr. coming out to apologize to Blue Demon Jr. Crowd (mostly unaware of what he was apologizing for) rooted for Blue Demon Jr. to beat up Chavo, and Demon obliged with chair shots. After Demon left, Catrina and Mil Muertes came in the ring to give Chavo the Kiss of Death.
3) Prince Puma © b Fénix (AAA) [LU CHAMP] * Lucha Underground 1/14/15: Prince Puma vs. Fénix - FULL MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Prince Puma's first defense in an excellent high flyer vs high flyer match. Cage attacked Fenix after the main event.
4) Drago (AAA) DCOR King Cuerno [three falls match] *
main event of first taping. Drago did a second floor dive onto Cuerno and neither man wsa able to continue.
5) Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco b Máscarita Sagrada & Pimpinela Escarlata *
opener of the second episode. Castro (Reyes) teamed with a member of his usual group, not specified which one. It was not Big Zeke - he came out after the match and was attacked by his (former?) partners.
6) Pentagón Jr. b Súper Fly *
Pentagon Jr. showcase. Pentagon appealed to Vampiro to mentor him (similar to Konnan and Prince Puma? Pentagon appears to be next title challenger.)
7) Sexy Star b Mariachi Loco *
8) King Cuerno b Drago (AAA) [last man standing] * Lucha Underground 1/21/15: King Cuerno vs Drago - LAST LUCHADOR STANDING (posted by El Rey Network)
Cuerno used a rope to choke out Drago for the win. Cuerno appeared to be doing bow hunter poses and put a deer head over Drago after the win. Fenix made the save to set up an issue with King Cuerno.

LU (SUN) 10/05/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Prince Puma b Fénix, Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo, Mr. Cisco, Son of Havoc, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ivelisse, Drago, Bael, Cortez Castro, Ricky Mandel, Big Ryck, Pentagón Jr., Súper Fly, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Máscarita Sagrada, Sexy Star, Mariachi Loco, King Cuerno [Aztec Rumble, LU CHAMP] *
Pinfall/submission eliminations. Puma beat Mundo to win.

Event Notes: Event likely included unlisted dark matches.

LU (SAT) 10/04/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Mariachi Loco
Cage is Brian Cage. A blond woman accompanied Mariachi Loco (probably the one who is Holly Meowy on Twitter.)
2) Fénix b Big Ryck, Máscarita Sagrada, Prince Puma, Pentagón Jr., Son of Havoc, Súper Fly, King Cuerno, Mariachi Loco, Drago (AAA) * Lucha Underground 12/17/14: 10 WAY MATCH - Full Fight (posted by El Rey Network)
All ten wrestlers came to the ring, then Dario Cueto announced he'd be giving someone a big chance on the show. He announced a ten man elimination match with the guys who were in the ring. Fenix beat Puma to end a great crazy match. Crowd was into Mascarita Sagrada trying to win.
3) Mil Muertes b Chavo Guerrero Jr., Sexy Star, Johnny Mundo, B-Boy, Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Mandel, Famous B [battle royal] *
Chavo eliminated Sexy Star, so their issues continue. Mundo kept nearly getting eliminated, then was thrown out by Mil at the end. Fenix came out and he and Mil had a staredown. Cueto returned with a belt and announced there'd be a champion crowned before the end of the year. He explained how this would happen; The person at the show didn't understand the explanation, except for the part where Mil versus Fenix would be the first match and happen right now
4) Mil Muertes b Fénix [Aztec Warfare seeding] *
Winner of the match earned the last spot in Aztec Warfare. Loser of the match earned the first spot in the match.
5) King Cuerno b Súper Fly *
Drago watched the match.
6) Chavo Guerrero Jr. b Fénix *
Pentagon Jr. tripped up Fenix leading to his loss. Sexy Star said Demon would be back for his revenge soon.
7) Johnny Mundo b Big Ryck, Prince Puma [Ladder] * Lucha Underground 12/10/14 - TRIPLE THREAT LADDER MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
A mystery man tried to make the save for Ryck, but Mundo ended up winning. Cueto demanded his key returned, and Mundo gave it to him - after he punched him.

Event Notes: Last three matches ended up airing before the first three.

LU (SUN) 09/28/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Aaron Aguilera, Kaos, SoCal Crazy b B-Boy, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco
Kaos & Aaron Aguilera are the Mexican Americans. Dark match. Trios match, not a six way.
2) Mariachi Loco b Flecha Fugaz
This La Flecha was local La Flecha Fugaz (not local Tito Escondido.) Dark match.
3) Pimpinela Escarlata b Son of Havoc *
4) Mil Muertes b Famous B *
5) King Cuerno b Drago (AAA) *
better than their previous match
6) Fénix & Sexy Star b Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Pentagón Jr. * Lucha Underground 12/3/14: MIXED TAG MAIN EVENT (posted by El Rey Network)
entertaining match

LU (SAT) 09/27/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Fénix (AAA) b Mariachi Loco
dark match?
2) Pimpinela Escarlata b Pentagón Jr.
Pentago issued an open challenge (in Spniash), specifically saying he wasn't afriad of anyone male or female. Naturally, that meant Pimpi answered. Crowd was into the act. Possibly a dark match.
3) Máscarita Sagrada b Son of Havoc *
Ivelisse was with Havoc and took a tope from Mascarita
4) Mil Muertes b Drago (AAA) *
a mystery luchador (maybe Fantasma?) was watching the match from the a hiding spot on the second floor and attacked Drago after the match. Catrina was with Mil as usual.
5) Sexy Star NC Chavo Guerrero Jr. *
very short match before Pentagon Jr. got involved. Fenix made the save and he and Sexy cleared house.
6) Big Ryck b Prince Puma [street] * Lucha Underground 11/26/14: MAIN EVENT - Boyle Heights Street Fight (posted by El Rey Network)
Ryck's friends (Cortez Castro & B-Boy) got involved of course. Castro (Ricky Reyes) came up bleedign after a Puma dive onto everyone. Numbers (and a ladder) caught up to Puma. Mundo jumped off the second floor to make the save, but eventually hit Puma by mistake and the rudos beat them all up. Ryck chokeslamed Puma thru a table.

LU (SUN) 09/14/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) El Americano, Mariachi Loco, Máscarita Sagrada b Cortez Castro, Mil Muertes, Mr. Cisco
dark match
2) Sexy Star b Ivelisse Vélez *
3) Fénix b Pentagón Jr. * Lucha Underground 11/19/14: FULL FIGHT - Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix (posted by El Rey Network)
another great match
4) Drago b King Cuerno *
King Cuerno is Hijo del Fantasma
5) Johnny Mundo DQ Big Ryck *
Cisco & Cortes Castro ran in, causing their own man to be DQed. Mundo was put thru a table.

LU (SAT) 09/13/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) King Cuerno COR Martin Causas
Dark match, stopped early when Martin's head hit the floor and split open. Vampiro and paramedics checked on him, but Martin indicated it was not as bad as it looked
2) Máscarita Sagrada b Mariachi Loco *
Carnitas is (maybe?) a new name for Mascarita Sagrada (original), who was wearing his normal outfit. Chavo Guerrero attacked the mini after the match.
3) Mil Muertes b Ricky Mandel *
Muertes is seconded by Kartina (ex-Maxine) for his matches
4) Fénix b Pentagón Jr., Drago * Lucha Underground 11/12/14: MAIN EVENT - Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Drago (posted by El Rey Network)
best match so far of the taping

LU (SUN) 09/07/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California [PWInsider]
1) Shawn Hernández b Ricky Mandel
Dark match.
2) Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma b Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco * Lucha Underground 11/5/14: Puma & Mundo vs. Castro & Cisco - FULL FIGHT (posted by El Rey Network)
the heels - The Crew - from the end of the last taping (Reyes as Cortez Castro, Cholo as Mr. Cisco, ex-Ezekial as Big Ryck) came out to talk at the start of the show. The guys they jumped attacked them, then beat two of them in a match.
3) Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sexy Star b Ivelisse Vélez & Son of Havoc *
Son of Havok is Matt Cross (slightly different name)
4) Mil Muertes b Blue Demon Jr. *
Muertes attacked Demon after the match. Chavo made the save, but Chavo attacked Demon as well to turn rudo.

LU (SAT) 09/06/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California [PWInsider, WrestlingHeads]
1) Famous B b B-Boy
dark match
2) Mil Muertes b Martin Causas
dark match. Ex-Maxine from NXT was with Mil. Mil may have been Mesias under a mask.
3) Blue Demon Jr. b Chavo Guerrero Jr. *
4) Son of Havoc b Sexy Star *
Sons of Havoc is Matt Cross
5) Johnny Mundo b Prince Puma * Lucha Underground 10/29/14: Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma - FULL FIGHT (posted by El Rey Network)
ex-John Morrison defeated Ricochet. The evil (and unnamed) promoter had promised 100,000 to whoever had impressed him. Lil Cholo, Ricky Reyes and Ezekial Jackson (not given names) attacked Mundo & Puma after the main event. The promoter announced those three (may be named the Crenshaw Crew) would get money and already work for him.

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