Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California : 2016

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LU (SUN) 06/26/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Matt Striker b Máscarita Sagrada, Ivelisse, Texano, Fénix, Dr. Wagner Jr., Famous B, ? [battle royal]
not a full list; everyone who wasn't used. Dark match battle royal. Famous B dumped Wagner & Texano at the same time, Striker came into congraulate him with a briefacse off money, buta ctually dumped Famous B and kept the money for himself. Dario arrived to say he had a surprise for Striker.
2) Pimpinela Escarlata b Matt Striker
Dark match. Referee took a kiss, and Pimpi eventually won with feet on the ropes. Vampiro mocked Striker for losing, but had a make up gift - a birthday cake, it was Striker's birthday. (Cake was not smashed.) Striker was apparently surprised and definitely emotional about the gesture.
3) Dante Fox, Killshot, the Mack b Drago, Pindar, Vìbora © [LU TRIOS] *
New champs. Pindar was blamed for the loss.
4) Sexy Star b Taya [last luchador standing] *
Sexy Star won a 10 count.
5) Matanza b Dragón Azteca Jr. [cage] * The Monster Matanza VS. Dragon Azteca Jr. - Ultima Lucha Tres, Part IV (posted by El Rey Network)
6) Mil Muertes b Cage, Jeremiah Crane [Guantlet of the Gods] *
Cureno returned to attack Mil and take the Gauntlet
7) Prince Puma b Johnny Mundo © [LU CHAMP] *
Angelico returned, running off Worldwide Underground. Puma won, becoming two time champ.
8) Pentagón Dark b Prince Puma © [LU CHAMP] *
Dario made this match with Pentagon cashing in, and made it a career vs career match. Vampiro betrayed Prince Puma, and Pentagon got the win.

LU (SAT) 06/25/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) the Mack b Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte, Argenis, Cortez Castro, Son Of Madness, Vinnie Massaro, Joey Ryan, Ricky Mundo, PJ Black, Máscarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata [battle royal] *
The Mack won the battle royal. Dario gave him a trios title match next week, but made Dante Fox & Killshot his parnters.
2) Ivelisse b Catrina *
Ivelisse won cleanly, but was attacked by Jeremiah Crane
3) Fénix b Marty The Moth [hair, mask] *
Fenix's mask vs Marty's hair. Fenix bled a ton. Melissa offered herself to stop Marty from using scissors to Fenix's neck. Marty grabbed her, she fouled him, and Fenix took out Marty. Fenix beat Marty, and Maripsoa helped them cut Marty's hair after.
4) Son of Havoc vs Pentagón Dark [Ladder, Gift of the Gods] * Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark - Lucha Underground; Ultima Lucha Tres (posted by El Rey Network)
5) Aerostar b Kevin Kross
dark match
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Famous B b Texano *
Brenda distracted Texano into the loss, which means Texano must join Famous B's gorup
7) Killshot b Dante Fox [Hell of War] * Killshot Vs. Dante Fox - Ultima Lucha Tres (posted by El Rey Network)
Fox won a first blood match by backdropping Killshot into the glass. Killshot powerbombed Dante onto a barbed wire board and finished him with a Storm Cradle Driver to take fall 2. Killshot hit Dante with a bottle in the head and Dante fell off the band platform thru glass, and Killshot put Dante into a military ambulance to win the medical evac third fall.

LU (SUN) 06/12/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cortez Castro b Joey Ryan [police brawl, Aztec medallion] *
2) Drago b the Mack [Aztec Medallion] *
Dario announced next episode would be 100.
3) Matanza b Paul London, Mala Suerte, Saltador *
1 vs 3
4) Candice Lerae & Joey Ryan b Jeremiah Crane & Jessicka Havok
dark match/tryout
5) Kevin Kross b Jeremiah Crane
dark match
6) Mariposa & Marty Martinez b Fénix & Melissa Santos *
7) Pentagón Dark & Son of Havoc b Paul London, Mala Suerte, Saltador, Drago, Cortez Castro [Gift of the Gods] *
Pentagon & Son of Havo pinned Paul London & Saltador at the same time. Dario set up a ladder match to decide who would be champion.
8) Dante Fox b Texano * LUCHA 336 - Texano Vs. Dante Fox (posted by El Rey Network)
Famous B distracted Texano into the loss. Dario set up Famous B vs Texano next week, where Famous B could get Texano's contract if he wins.
9) Cage, Fénix, Prince Puma, Sexy Star b Johnny Mundo, Marty Martinez, PJ Black, Taya *
Puma picked his team. Ricky Mundo was in this match, but Mundo benched him for Marty. Jeremiah Crane stole Cage's glove. Mundo/Puma built up Ultima Lucha. They challenges for a title vs mask match, only Dario didn't want too mask matches, so made it title vs career.
10) Pentagón Dark b Dragón Azteca Jr. [Aztec Medallion] *
Matanza attacked Dragon Azteca, Rey made the save, leading into...
11) Matanza b Rey Mysterio Jr. * Rey Mysterio vs. Matanza Cueto - Lucha Underground ep. 335 (posted by El Rey Network)

LU (SAT) 06/11/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Taya b Aerostar, Drago, Fénix, Sexy Star * Lucha Underground 9/28/16: ATÓMICOS MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Jack pinned Sexy Star
2) Pentagón Dark b Mil Muertes [Cueto Cup, semifinal] *
3) Prince Puma b Fénix [Cueto Cup, semifinal] *
Marty distracted Fenix before the finish.
4) Cage b Bestia 666, Indigo Child
Dark Match. Indigo Child is Mike Orlando
5) Marty Martinez b Argenis *
Argneis bled. Marty & Fenix set up a hair/mask match for UL3.
5) Sexy Star b Veneno (LU) [mask] *
6) Son Of Madness b Máscarita Sagrada *
Son of Havoc vs Son of Madness set up by Dario for a Medallion
7) Joey Ryan b Sexy Star *
Taya distracted Sexy Star at ringside. Cortez Castro beat up Joey Ryan post match
8) Son of Havoc b Son Of Madness [biker’s brawl, Aztec Medallion] *
9) Prince Puma b Pentagón Dark [Cueto Cup, final] *
10) Johnny Mundo © b Rey Mysterio Jr. [LU CHAMP] *
Dominic got involved, then Dario cost Rey the match.

LU (SUN) 05/15/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Texano b the Mack [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Famous B distracted the Mack to give Texano the win.
2) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix © b Jack Evans, PJ Black, Taya [LU TRIOS] * Lucha Underground 9/21/16: TRIOS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Johnny Mundo attacked post match, with Sexy Star making the save
3) Johnny Mundo b Dragón Azteca Jr. *
Post match ended with Johnny Mundo attacking Rey's son Dominick. May have been a title match live, definitely wasn't on TV.
4) Máscarita Sagrada b Kevin Kross
dark match. Finish seems wrong?
5) Prince Puma b Dante Fox [Cueto Cup, quarterfinal] *
Killshot attacked Dante Fox after the match.
6) Mil Muertes b Jeremiah Crane [Cueto Cup, quarterfinal] *
7) Mala Suerte, Paul London, Saltador b PJ Black, Ricky Mandel, Taya [Aztec Medallion] *
The Rabbit Tribe each got Medallions.
8) Pentagón Dark b Texano [Cueto Cup, quarterfinal] *
Pentagon broke Famous B & Brenda's arms after the match
9) Fénix b Pindar [Cueto Cup, quarterfinal] *
Melissa cheered for Fenix. Probably in the wrong order.

LU (SAT) 05/14/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Pentagón Dark b Drago [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Pentagon tried to break Drago's arm after the match. Aerostar made the save only for Drago to betray him and Pentagon to break Aerostar's arm instead.
2) Jeremiah Crane b Taya [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Sexy Star distraction lead to the finish
3) Mil Muertes b Paul London [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
4) Fénix b Marty The Moth [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Melissa got involved to counter Mariposa. Marty forked Fenix after the match.
5) Kevin Kross b Vinny Massaro
dark match
6) Pindar DQ Cage [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Cage was immediately DQed for attacking Pindar and the ref with the glove
7) Prince Puma b PJ Black [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
8) Dante Fox b Son of Havoc [Cueto Cup, eightfinal] *
Son of Madness attacked Son of Havoc before the match.

LU (SUN) 05/08/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Mil Muertes b Veneno (LU) [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
2) PJ Black b Sexy Star [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
3) Son of Havoc b Son Of Madness [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
4) the Mack b Mala Suerte [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
5) Prince Puma b Ricky Mandel [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
6) Drago b Aerostar [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
Drago worked as a rudo, with Kobra Moon
7) Kevin Kross b Black Lotus, Marty The Moth, Mariposa, Mariachi Loco
dark match
8) Jeremiah Crane b Killshot [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
Dante distracted Killshot
9) Paul London COR Vìbora [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
Mala Suerte &
10) Taya b Joey Ryan [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
11) Dante Fox b Dragón Azteca Jr. [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
Worldwide Underground attacked Rey at ringside. Azteca helped out, but it cost him the match.
12) Rey Mysterio Jr. b PJ Black *
Mysterio won with Worldwide Underground and Dragon Azteca getting involved.

Event Notes: more first round Cueto Cup matches may have taken place on this show

LU (SAT) 05/07/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Vinnie Massaro [16f, Cueto Cup] *
Vinne went for Cage's glove, got beat and bloodied after the match.
2) Johnny Mundo © b the Mack [falls count anywhere, LU CHAMP] * Fight of the Week: The Mack vs. Johnny Mundo! (318 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground)
Sexy Star, PJ Black, Ricky Mundo and Taya all interfered. Taya helped Mundo get the win. in a segment taped after the match, Dario announced the Cueto Cup (winner gets Ultima Lucha 3 title shot) and Mundo/Rey for the title to take place at the same time as the final.
3) Drago, Pindar, Vìbora b Aerostar, Drago, Fénix © [LU TRIOS] *
Drago betrayed his team and joined the other team mid match (in Kobra Moon's place) to win the trios titles. Kobra Moon put the slave collar back on him after the match.
4) Killshot b Kevin Kross
Dark match. Famous B attempted to recurit Kross but got punched.
5) Pentagón Dark b Argenis [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
6) Texano Jr. b Famous B [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
Famous B offered to lay down for Texano, but Texano beat him himself anyway.
7) Prince Puma b Mil Muertes [street fight] * Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma in a Boyle Heights Street Fight& more! (E9 S3) | How We Got Here (posted by Lucha Underground)
Vampiro handed Puma a brick to KO Mil for the win.
8) Sexy Star © b Taya [LU Gift of the Gods] *
Aired as part of episode 1. Worldwide Underground's interference failed, and Fenix, Drago and Aerostar made the save post match
9) Fénix b Mariposa [16f, Cueto Cup] *
Marty attacked Fenix after the match, but Fenix ran him off.
10) Pindar b Máscarita Sagrada [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
11) Saltador b Marty Martinez [Cueto Cup, 16f] *
12) Matanza Cueto b Dragón Azteca Jr. [death] * Fight of the Week: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto! (319 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground) Matanza vs El Dragon Azteca Jr Lucha Underground Mid-Season Finale (posted by El Rey Network)
Matanza sent Azteca thru the bleachers (appeared to win via ref stop, but not made clear, could be no contest/no finish.) Matanza attacked Rey Mysterio as he checked on Azteca, and Rey ended up backdropping Azteca thru a floor to end the show.

Event Notes: More Cueto 16f/first round matches could've taken place on this show. Card order is probably more wrong than usual.

LU (SUN) 04/24/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Jeremiah Crane b Mil Muertes *
Prince Puma cost Mil the match.
2) Jack Evans & PJ Black b Angélico & Son of Havoc *
Angelico and Jack Evans were hurt in the match.
3) Kevin Kross b Scorpió Sky
Priscilla Kelly was managing Scorpio Sky. Dark match.
4) Texano b Cage *
Cage bled, and Texano b him to tie up the series.
5) Cage b Texano * Fight of the Week: Cage vs. Texano! (317 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground) Texano vs Cage Match 5 Best Of 5 Series (posted by El Rey Network)
Cage defeated Texano to win the best of 5. Cueto brought Cage into his office for his special win.
6) Sexy Star b Mariposa *
Marty attacked his sister after the match.
7) Drago, Pindar, Vìbora b Mala Suerte, Paul London, Saltador *
Drago was forced in the match to replace Kobra Moon and got along with his teammates. Aerostar & Fenix cleared house on the reptiles and saved a confused Drago post match.
8) the Mack DRAW Johnny Mundo © [LU CHAMP, all night long] *
Match ended 3-3, with Mack having the tiebreaking pinfall when time ran out. Dario announced the Mack & Mundo would continue the match in sudden death the next week.

LU (SAT) 04/23/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Johnny Mundo © b Sexy Star [LU CHAMP, cage] *
Mundo unmasked Sexy, Sexy covered up, Mundo escaped. the Mack attacked him after the match.
2) the Mack b Cage, Jeremiah Crane, PJ Black [Battle of the Bulls, final] * Battle Of The Bulls Finals PJ Black vs Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs The Mack (posted by El Rey Network) Fight of the Week: Cage vs. The Mack vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. PJ Black! (316 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground)
Texano attacked Cage, who was out first. Mack gets a shot at Mundo
3) Prince Puma & Tessa Blanchard b Mariposa & Marty Martinez
dark match.
4) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix © b Mala Suerte, Paul London, Saltador [LU TRIOS] *
Debut of the Rabbit Tribe. Kobra Moon cut a promo on Drago. This appears to be a reshoot of a match from 04/09 (changes included new characters for the Rabbit Tribe?)
5) Johnny Mundo b the Mack * Battle Of The Bulls Winner The Mack vs Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo (posted by El Rey Network)
Mundo snuck in a foul with help from PJ & Jack, made his title match with the Mack an All Night Long match. Mil Muertes attacked Vampiro post match, with Prince Puma trying to make the save but being told not to by Vampiro.
6) Cage b Veneno (LU) *
Veneno was (in storyline) Cortez Castro sneaking back into the temple under a spider mask. Sexy Star attacked him after the match.
7) Texano b Joey Ryan *
Famous B & Brenda helped Texano win as part of recruiting him, but he wasn't interested.
8) Matanza NF Dragón Azteca Jr.
match stopped when Matanza punched a window and cut his arm open badly. PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, Dragon Azteca and Rey Misterio did a segment in the ring to keep the crowd occupied while Matanza was taken to an ambulance. Did not air, replaced by a match on May 7th.

LU (SUN) 04/10/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Johnny Mundo b Sexy Star © [LU CHAMP] * Fight of the Week: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star! (312 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground)
Johnny Mundo cashed in the Gift of the Gods title and won with help from Taya
2) Dante Fox b Killshot *
3) Pentagón Jr. b Doku *
episode 13 match. Part one of a gauntlet match, with Pentagon catching Doku on an elbow drop and breaking her arm for a ref stop finish.
4) Pentagón Jr. b Yurei *
episode 13 match. Part two of a gauntlet match, with Yurei eventually leaping into a package piledriver. Pentagon broke her arm as well.
5) Hitokiri b Pentagón Jr. * Fight of the Week: Pentagon Dark vs. Hitokiri! (313 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground) Lucha Underground 11/30/2016 Hitokiri vs Pentagon Dark (posted by El Rey Network)
episode 13 match. Hitokiri got the most offense of the three gauntlet matches, including a dive off Dario's office, and beat Pentagon with a Far East Destroyer. A fourth match against Black Lotus did not happen. She shoved the ref away and broke Pentagon's arm. Dragon Azteca came out and broke Pentagon's other arm to end the episode.
6) PJ Black b Jack Evans, Son of Havoc, Angélico [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] * Angelico vs Jack Evans vs PJ Black vs Son Of Havoc Battle Of The Bulls 12/14/16 (posted by El Rey Network) Fight of the Week: Angelico vs. Son of Havoc vs. Jack Evans vs. PJ Black! (315 FOTW) (posted by Lucha Underground)
PJ tricked Jack into getting a pin.
7) Drago b Kobra Moon *
Pindar (Steve Pain) debuted attacking Kobra Moon. Fenix & Aerostar made the save, but were taken out by the debuting Vibora. Kobra Moon and her lizards took Drago.
8) Jeremiah Crane b Killshot, Dante Fox, Mariposa [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] *
Crane pinned Fox to win. Killshot attacked Fox after the match.
9) Cage, Texano, the Mack vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Kevin Kross, Mil Muertes
a dark match

LU (SAT) 04/09/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) the Mack b Marty Martinez, Dragón Azteca Jr., Mil Muertes [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] * Lucha Underground 12/07/16 The Mack vs El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Mil Muertes vs Marty The Moth Martinez (posted by El Rey Network)
The Mack advanced after Matanza attacked Dragon Azteca
2) Sexy Star b PJ Black *
Jack Evans cost PJ the match
3) Cage b Texano Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Joey Ryan [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] *
Texano beat Cage.
4) Kevin Kross b Kevin Martenson
dark match. Ref stoppage
5) Dragón Azteca Jr. b Chavo Guerrero Jr. *
Rey Mysterio was referee. He attacked Chavo to help Dragon win.
6) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix © b London Ninja I, London Ninja II, Paul London [LU TRIOS]
Paul London debuted with Ninjas (perhaps future Mala Suerte & Saltador?) but lost. Kobra Moon watched the match and cut a promo on Drago after the match. This scenario was repeated (but with different gimmicks for London's friends) two weeks later, probably replacing this match.
7) Sexy Star b Johnny Mundo, Matanza ©, Pentagón Dark, Son of Havoc, Jeremiah Crane, PJ Black, Mariposa, Rey Mysterio Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Marty Martinez, Jack Evans, Ricky Mandel, Máscarita Sagrada, Famous B, the Mack, Joey Ryan, Mil Muertes, Kobra Moon, Drago [Aztec Warfare, LU CHAMP] *
Sexy Star beat Mil to win the title.

LU (SUN) 03/27/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) ? & ?? ?? ??? & ????
possibly a dark match
2) Matanza © b Cortez Castro [LU CHAMP, dial of doom] *
Wheel landed on Dario's choice. He chose Cortez, who had a broke arm and was broken again. Dario let Cortez know he knew Cortez was an uncovered cop.
3) Son of Havoc b Dr. Wagner Jr. *
by winning, Havoc & Sagrada got pick a stip in next week's Famous B/Sagrada match. They picked Believer's Backlash (fans bring the weapons)
4) Rey Mysterio Jr. b Chavo Guerrero Jr. [loser leaves town] * Lucha Underground 11/2/16: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - LOSER LEAVES LUCHA (posted by El Rey Network)
Chavo Sr. interefered, hitting his son with a chair to cause a DQ win (and end Rey's career.) Dario didn't want the match to end without more violence, and restarted it. Rey won.
5) Máscarita Sagrada b Famous B *
comedy weapons match with Havoc & Sagrada involved. Sagrada finally won. Havoc gave him a jacket.
6) Ivelisse, Jeremiah Crane, Mariposa, Marty Martinez, the Mack b Argenis, Cage, Dante Fox, Killshot, Texano *
Texano & Cage didn't get along. Dante turned on Killshot.
7) Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black © b Andy Brown, These Guys I, These Guys II [LU TRIOS] Lucha Underground: Worldwide Underground vs. These Guys - TRIOS TITLE MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Internet exclusive match, airing as part of Season 2 though taped in season 3. (Defense #2 as 'aired'.) Other wrestlers were from EWF, not sure of names.
8) Mil Muertes b Prince Puma [grave consequences] *
Mil beat Puma, stuffing him in the same casket as Konnan had been in.

LU (SAT) 03/26/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Matanza © b Killshot [LU CHAMP] *
Another Dial of Doom match, with Killshot losing. After the match, a mystery man (AR Fox) confronted and laid out a surprised Killshot.
2) Drago b Fénix, Aerostar *
Dario surprised the trios champs by revealing Aztec Warfare was coming in 4 weeks and these three would face each other right then, with the winner getting Aztec Warfare spot #20 and the other people being left out. Fenix and Aerostar were hurt during the match, Fenix breaking his nose and being off shows for a few weeks. A segment following this had Famous B & Dr. Wagner knocking Mascarita Sagrada & Son of Havoc, who ran them off. (That segment aired as internet exclusive.)
3) Pentagón Dark b Rey Mysterio Jr., Chavo Guerrero Jr. * Lucha Underground 10/12/16: Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (posted by El Rey Network)
Chavo attacked Rey after the match
4) Marty Martinez b Ivelisse *
Marty won, then Jeremiah Crane (Sami Callihan) made his debut in front of the crowd attacking both Marty and Mariposa. They got the better of him, and Ivelisse made the save. Ivelisse and Jeremiah argued.
5) Texano b Cage *
Texano got his first win, making the series 2-1.
6) Prince Puma b Mil Muertes * Lucha Underground 10/19/16: Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes (posted by El Rey Network)

Event Notes: Likely an unreported dark match on the show.

LU (SUN) 03/20/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Matanza © b the Mack [LU CHAMP] *
The Mack was chosen by the Dial of Doom, but could not win
2) Cage b Texano Jr. *
first match of a best of five, as announced after the match.
3) Steve Pain b Scorpió Sky
Dark match
4) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Famous B b Máscarita Sagrada & Son of Havoc *
Mascarita Sagrada came out in a side car of Son of Havoc's car, took the pin.
5) Ivelisse b Mariposa *
Mariposa & Marty attacked Ivelisse after the match.
6) Sexy Star © b Jack Evans [LU Gift of the Gods] *
Mundo, Black, Aerostar, Drago and Fenix all got involved.
7) Cage b Texano *
Cage is now up 2-0.
8) Matanza © b Prince Puma [LU CHAMP] * Lucha Underground 10/5/16: Prince Puma vs. Matanza - CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Puma won the Dial of Doom. Muertes speared him when he had his match won.

LU (SAT) 03/19/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Matanza Cueto © b Son of Havoc [LU CHAMP] *
Star of Episode 1. Son of Havoc was choosen by a roulette wheel with everyone who hadn't gotten a shot so far.
2) Rey Mysterio Jr. b Pentagón Dark * Lucha Underground 9/7/16: Pentagon Dark vs Rey Mysterio Jr. (posted by El Rey Network)
Pentagon and Vampiro had issues, causing the loss. End of episode 1.
3) Ivelisse b Jessica Havok
dark match. In a post match aired on TV, Ivelisse challenged Catrina to a match at Ultima Lucha, which Catrina accepted.
4) 1 & 2 vs 3 & 4
5) Pentagón Dark b Cortez Castro *
part of Episode 4. Cortez entered from Dario's office. Pentagon broke his arm after, then challenge Dragon Azteca and Chavo.
6) Prince Puma b El Siniestro De La Muerte *
Open of episode 4. Mil Muertes tried to interfere, but Puma still won. Puma and Mil brawled post match.
7) Killshot b Marty Martinez [weapons of mass destruction] * Lucha Underground 9/14/16: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
military themed match, a long brawl. Mariposa tried to help out and was sent into a table. Killshot got his dogtags back and sent Marty thru a table with a double stomp. End of episode 2.
8) Dr. Wagner Jr. b Máscarita Sagrada *
start of episode 2
9) Mil Muertes b Argenis *
10) Johnny Mundo b Sexy Star © [LU Gift of the Gods] * Lucha Underground 10/26/16: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star - GIFT OF THE GODS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Johnny Mundo won the title with PJ Black, Jack Evans, the Mack and brass knucks getting involved.

LU (SUN) 01/31/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Dr. Wagner Jr., Chavo Guerrero, Mr. Cisco, Cobra, Cortez Castro, El Capitán Delacruz, Joey Ryan, Máscarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Mandel, Son of Havoc, Texano Jr., the Mack, Vinny Massaro
Dark match. Wagner last out.
2) Sexy Star b Daga, Killshot, Mariposa, Marty Martinez, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Night Claw [LU Gift of the Gods] *
Start of episode 25. Night Claw's debut (and his only match). Elimination match: Siniestro (Night Claw), Daga (Night Claw), Night Claw (Killshot), Killshot (Mariposa), Mariposa (Sexy Star), Martinez (Sexy Star) leaving Sexy Star as champ
3) Mil Muertes b King Cuerno [death] * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 2: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes - DEATH MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Mil Muetes destroyed King Cuerno. End of episode 25.
4) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix b Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black © [LU TRIOS] *
start of episode 26. Title changed, helped a bit by Angelico returning to attack Mundo
5) Dragón Azteca Jr. DQ Black Lotus *
finish not clear; Pentagon attacked both, but Azteca first. He broke both their arms and demanded his title match next.
6) Matanza © b Pentagón Dark [LU CHAMP] * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 3: Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza - CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Debut of Pentagon Dark. Pentagon beat Matanza more than anyone had beat him before (a reoccurring pattern), but lost the match when Vampiro handed him a barbed wire bat, Dario stopped Pentagon from using it, and Matanza used the bat himself. Pentagon blamed Vampiro for the loss.
7) Taya b Ivelisse *
Catrina attacked Ivelisse to cost her the match.
8) Paul London b Delavar Daivari
Dark match (replaced by a Rey/Misterio video feature on the show.) Delavar Daivari claimed he had bought a spot on Ultima Lucha 2 after not appearing all season, and challenged anyone. Paul London (road agent to this point) defeated him.
9) Rey Mysterio b Prince Puma * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 3: Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (posted by El Rey Network)
Mysterio won when Puma was too cocky and not quick enough to finish off Mysterio. Pentagon attacked Striker and Vampiro after the match, cutting Vampiro with the barbed wire bat with lots of blood. End of episode 26 & season 2.

LU (SAT) 01/30/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Pentagón Jr. ?? TJ Perkins
dark match
2) King Cuerno b Mil Muertes *
End of episode 23. Cuerno used the ropes to win.
3) Prince Puma b Dragón Azteca Jr. * Lucha Underground 6/29/16: Prince Puma vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. (posted by El Rey Network)
4) Johnny Mundo b Fénix *
Mundo hit Fenix with a belt to the ring. Post match set up trios title match. Episode 23.
5) the Mack b Cage [falls count anywhere, semifinal] * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 1: The Mack vs. Cage - FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE (posted by El Rey Network)
start of episode 24, which was only the 4 A Unique Opportunity Tournament. Dario made this a falls count anywhere match, a rematch of their Ultima Lucha (1) match. Cage slipped on beer when trying to curbstomp Mack again.
6) Son of Havoc b Texano Jr. [bar fight, semifinal] *
Dario made it a bar fight. Son of Havoc knocked Texano into bottle glass for the win.
7) Son of Havoc b the Mack [final, falls count anywhere] *
Another falls count anywhere match. After the win, Havoc was given his choice of $250K or the title match at Ultima Lucha 3. Havoc took the title match, but was told he only had the opportunity to win the title shot, and still had to beat one person (who'd be fighting for the money) to get the shot. Famous B introduced his new client, Dr. Wagner Jr., as Famous B beat him.
8) Dr. Wagner Jr. b Son of Havoc *
Wagner (and Famous B) won the 250K in a quick match. End of episode 24.

LU (SUN) 01/17/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black b Dragón Azteca Jr., Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr. © [LU TRIOS] * Lucha Underground 5/25/16: TRIOS TITLES CHAMPIONSHIP (posted by El Rey Network)
Extra match for episode 18. Mundo repalced Fenix (who was taken out backstage.) Jack Evans used a chair on Azteca to turn over the pin and give Mundo the win. Champs fall on their second defense.
2) King Cuerno ?? El Capitán Delacruz
dark match. Captain Cruz appears to be a masked Bael.
3) Matanza © b Cage [LU CHAMP] * Lucha Underground 6/3/16: Cage vs Matanza - LUCHA UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP (posted by El Rey Network)
First match tonight for episode 19, aired as main event. Cage's Gift of the Gods belt. Matanza retained the title cleanly.
4) Son of Havoc b Daga *
Opener for episode 19. Son of Havoc won despite Kobra Moon helping Daga. Kobra Moon flirted with Daga but Daga wanted nothing to do with her.
5) Pentagón Jr. ?? Fénix, Mil Muertes, Kevin Kross
dark match
6) Daga b Máscarita Sagrada [Aztec Medallion] *
start of episode 22. Famous B turned on Sagrada for his losses and vowed to get a better client.
7) El Siniestro De La Muerte, Killshot, Marty Martinez b Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco [Aztec Medallion] *
Marty gave Killshot his dog tags before the match, but stole them back after the match. The Crew & Ryan argued, leading to their loss.
8) Mariposa & Sexy Star b Ivelisse & Taya [Aztec Medallion] * Lucha Underground 6/22/16: Sexy Star/Mariposa vs. Ivelisse/Taya (posted by El Rey Network)
Neither team got along, but it was Taya spearing Ivelisse which led to the lose. The show ended with Puma challenging Rey for a match at Ultima Lucha 2, and Rey accepted it. End of episode 22

LU (SAT) 01/16/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Joey Ryan b Máscarita Sagrada *
start of episode 18
2) Cage b Chavo Guerrero © [LU Gift of the Gods] *
last match for this day for episode 18. Cage regained the Gift of the Gods championship and immediately set up a title match for next week against Matanza.
3) Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black © DQ Dragón Azteca Jr., Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio [LU TRIOS] *
Taped for episode 19 (out of order, so they're defending before they won.) Prince Puma fouled Johnny Mundo for the DQ after the rudos had gotten away a couple of fouls.
4) Matanza b Fireball, Daga
dark match
5) Fénix, Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, King Cuerno, Pentagón Jr., Taya b Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc, Texano, the Mack * Lucha Underground 6/8/16: 6-ON-6 TAG TEAM MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Main event of start with episode 20. Winning team advanced to a 6 way match on episode 21. Chavo Guerrero was scheduled to be in the main, but Pentagon broke his arm and took his place.
6) Killshot DCOR Marty Martinez *
Opener for 20. Match never really going; Killshot tackled Marty to the outside and they fought there until the countout. Referees broke it up. Marty still has the dog tags.
7) Aerostar & Drago b Jack Evans & PJ Black [nunchucks] *
Nunchucks were legal and spread out around the arena. Drago beat Jack clean (more or less, miss was involved.)
8) Pentagón Jr. b Fénix, Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, Taya, King Cuerno [#1 Contenders, LU CHAMP] * Lucha Underground 6/15/16: Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix - SIX TO SURVIVE (posted by El Rey Network)
match for episode 21. Winner gets title shot at Ultima Lucha 2. Order of elimination: Cuerno (Mil run-in and Mundo pin), Ivelisse (Taya), Taya, Mundo, Fenix - leaving Pentagon as the winner. Pentagon vowed to break all Matanza's bones and Dario's bones too.

LU (SUN) 01/10/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Fireball ?? Sami Callihan, Daga
Dark match.
2) Dragón Azteca Jr., Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr. b Fénix, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco and Ivelisse & Son of Havoc © [LU TRIOS] *
Closer for episode 14. the three tournament winners and the current champions. Dario announced Angelico had been attacked and was taken to the hospital, but the trios champs would defend without him. Castro was pinned by Ivelisse when he wouldn't tag Ryan back in. Ivelisse had Jack beat, but PJ Black kicked her and reversed the pin. Rey b Jack for the win and the championship. Fourth champions. Ivelisse, Havoc and Angelico fall on second defense.
3) Daga b Máscarita Sagrada, Argenis, Kobra Moon *
Start of episode 17. Daga beat Sagrada after Kobra Moon did the work; Kobra was flirting with Daga during and after the match. Daga didn't seem interested.
4) Killshot b Marty Martinez *
Marty attacked Killshot after the loss and stole his dog tags.
5) Chavo Guerrero b Sexy Star, Aerostar, Texano Jr., the Mack, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Joey Ryan [LU Gift of the Gods] * Lucha Underground 5/18/16: 7-WAY GIFT OF THE GODS CHAMPIONSHIP (posted by El Rey Network)
Chavo got in the match by stealing Cage's Medallion and tricking Cage at the medaillon ceremony. Cage interfered at the end of the match, beating up everyone (Joey Ryan last) to give Chavo the win. Cage explained Dario had already given him a match versus Chavo next week, which would now be for the Gift of the Gods championship. Chavo didn't like this idea. End of episode 17
6) Joey Ryan b Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro [Aztec Medallion] *
start of episode 16. Joey Ryan pulled Cortez's trunks to win.
7) Dragón Azteca Jr., Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio © b Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, Son of Havoc [LU TRIOS] *
First defense. Taya and Ivelisse didn't get along, with Ivelisse attacking Taya at the start.
8) Matanza © b Mil Muertes [LU CHAMP] * Lucha Underground 5/11/16: Matanza vs Mil Muertes - GRAVER CONSEQUENCES (posted by El Rey Network)
Catrina was knocked out and placed in a casket, but disappeared by the time Dario checked on her at the end. Cuerno was one of the people wheeling away Mil after his loss. end of episode 16. Fourth defense.

LU (SAT) 01/09/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Johnny Mundo [cage, aztec medallion] * Lucha Underground 4/27/16: Cage vs Johnny Mundo - STEEL CAGE MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Opener for episode 14 (and only match for that episode taped on this show). Taya interfered, but was handicuffed to the cage. Cage won and got a Medallion.
2) Ivelisse ?? Tessa Blanchard
Dark match. Tessa suffered an arm/shoulder injury early in the match, which then fell apart.
3) Aerostar b Drago [Aztec Medallion] *
taped out of order, airing on episode 13.
4) Fénix b Jack Evans Lucha Underground: Jack Evans vs Fenix - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
dark match, posted to YouTube
5) the Mack b Marty Martinez [Aztec Medallion] *
first match for episode 15
6) El Siniestro De La Muerte b King Cuerno [Aztec Medallion] *
7) Cage b Máscarita Sagrada [Aztec Medallion] *
match was for Cage's Aztec Medallion, not a new one. Chavo stole the Medallion after the match.
8) Sexy Star b Mariposa [no mas, Aztec Medallion] * Lucha Underground 5/4/16: Sexy Star vs Mariposa - NO MÁS MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
No Mas match. Marty intefered but Mack ran him off. Sexy submitted Mariposa for an armbar. End of episode 15

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