AAA TV (MON) 05/15/1995 Puebla, Puebla [RobViper (Music Video), WON 1995-05-29]
Attendance: 4000
1) Power Raider I, Power Raider II, Power Raider III, Power Raider IV, Power Raider V DQ Coco Amarillo, Coco Azul, Coco Rojo, Tony Arce, Vulcano *
Arce & Vulcano were rough with the Power Raiders after IV and V called them old and said they needed to step aside in an interview.
2) Espectrito I b Máscarita Sagrada [IWC MINI] * Espectrito I vs. Mascarita Sagrada (IWC Minis Title) (posted by rnrwrasslin) TKD117 (posted by Alex Marin)
Espectrito I retained the title due to some help from Espectrito II. Both beat up Sagrada after the match, and Octagoncito tried (and failed) to make the save.
3) Latin Lover, Súper Caló, Winners b Heavy Metal, Jerry Estrada, Picudo * Latin Lover/Winners/Super Calo vs Heavy Metal/Jerry Estrada/Picudo (posted by rnrwrasslin)
Latin pinned Estrada.
4) La Parka, Lizmark Sr., Máscara Sagrada, Perro Aguayo Sr. b Ángel Blanco Jr., Fishman, Killer, Pentagon *
Sagrada pinned Pentagon in a surprise.

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