UWA (SUN) 10/11/1992 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan, Estado de México [Lucha Libre Weekly 33, Matt Farmer]
1) El Engendro, Ray Richard, Rocky Santana b Celestial, El Matematico, Lasser
Richard pinned Lasser, moving towards a title match down the line.
2) Crazy Star I, Scorpió Jr., Shu el Guerrero b El Coloso, The King, Transformer
3) Black Power, el Signo, Negro Navarro DQ Bufalo Allen, Rayo Dominicano I, Rayo Dominicano II
Rudos were favored by the crowd.
4) Dos Caras, Mil Máscaras, Villano III b Dr. Wagner Jr., Killer, Loco Zandokan
Over 45s beating under 30s. Mil pinned Killer.
5) Black Scorpió b Scorpió [hair]
Black Scorpio's mask was on the line. Scorpio was nominally the rudo, but more the home country hero. Bloody brawl. Scorpio won fall 1 with a powerslam and splash. Match was stopped for a moment in fall 2 so the doctor (Daza) could check Scorpio's cut. Match was allowed to continue. Black Scorpio won fall 2 with a top rope splash. Black Scorpio posted Scorpio many times in the third, with the doctor checking on Scorpio a few times and threatening to stop the match, only for Scorpio and Scorpio Jr. (second) to beg for the match to continue. It did, but Black Scorpio won with a top rope splash. Scorpio was shaved, while Scorpio Jr. challenged for a mask vs mask match. Not a good match.

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