MW (SAT) 01/22/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [Pro Wrestling Torch]
1) Jon Rekon b Medianoche
Rekon (originally listed as Jon Revell) is Strong Man. Squash. Rekon took MediaNoche's mask as part of The Right's mask collection. Super Nova tried to make the save, was fought off.
2) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid *
The mystery man who was getting involved in tag matches ran in here, but hurt his knee on a missile dropkick. A second mystery man also ran in and set up the finish.
3) Marco Corleone DQ Sydistiko *
Rellik & Lizmark ran in for the DQ. Shane Helms debuted making the save.
4) Magno b RJ Brewer [hair] *
built up on the last set of tapings. Brewer had Petey Williams and Lizzy Valentine with him, and won the match with a chain punch. Referee noticed the chain and restarted the match. Brewer tried to run out on the stip, but Rocky Romero cut him off and returned him for the haircut.
5) Petey Williams b Charly Malice *
Brewer helped give Petey the win.
6) Jon Rekon b Magno *
Rekon joined the Petey/RJ/Lizzy group (The Right) before the match. Magno was squashed, as were Super Nova & Rocky Romero
7) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid and Rellik & Sydistiko [LLUSA TAG] *
Top three teams in a decision match for the teams. Mysterious men in black got involved again, and Tinieblas took advantage to win the titles
8) Máscarita Dorada, Mini Park, Octagoncito b Pequeño Halloween, Tigresa Caliente, Vladamiro
Tigresa chatted on her phone and didn't participate. Her partners tagged her in, and Tigresa angrily attacked everyone. Giant woman Isis debut to fight her to the back (epic), and Dorada won the match
9) Shane Helms DQ Lizmark Jr.
Lizmark fouled Helms for the DQ. Marco helped run off Treachery post match.

Event Notes: Nine matches probably means three shows. They now have five episodes to air, and no defined air date. Last time, they were saying late January. This taping, they were just saying 'soon'. Not a promising sign, and not a really good night for the the tecnicos. Strange that Super Nova and Rocky Romero both worked multiple shows without getting a match. Recapper notes a lot of delays between matches.

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