MW (SAT) 02/19/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. © DQ Charly Malice & Rocky Romero [LLUSA TAG]
the unknown masked men who'd been helping Oriental & Tinieblas on the last taping this time ran in to attack Oriental (who got the win by DQ)
2) Marco Corleone & Shane Helms b Hijo del Lizmark & Sydistiko
Helms chokeslammed Sydistiko for the win. Marco challenged Lizmark to a title match.
3) Magno & Súper Nova b Petey Williams & RJ Brewer [Ladder]
May not have been an offical match. Brewer and Williams had previously stolen the tecnicos masks, put them in a bag, and intended to burn them. the bag was suspended from the ceiling, so a ladder match broke out. Presumbably Nova & Magno had other masks for this match. Tecnicos got the bag, only to find a red white blue pinata inside.
4) LA Park b Octagoncito, Chi Chi, Último Dragóncito (?), Tigresa Caliente, Máscarita Dorada, Pequeño Halloween, Mini Park, ODB, Mini Súper Ratón (?) [rumble]
royal rumble match of minis, exoticos, women, and LA Park. First seven were in befoer any elimiantions. LA Park eliminated Chi Chi to win. Mystery minis were in a light blue Ultimo Dragon outfit (which sounds like the CMLL guy) and mouse ears (maybe Baby Rabbit?)
5) Shane Helms DQ Sydistiko
Sydistiko kicked out of Helms big moves, but fouled him in desperation. Sydistiko trapped Helms in chairs after the match, and jumped off hte top rope onto a chair that was on Helms' arm. He was going for the same thing on Helms' head when Marco made the save.
6) Máscarita Dorada & Mr. Griegos b Pequeño Halloween & Vladamiro
possibly a dark match. Mr. Griegos is a facutly member from University of New Mexico
7) LA Park b Petey Williams
clean win for Park.

Event Notes: in between matches 3/4, Lizmark recieved a free night on the city from the casino. Skit to come, for sure. Building was 1/3rd full.

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