MW (SAT) 05/28/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Nikki Corleone b Chrissy Cialis
two female fans (plants) ran in before the match.

After the match, a three way confronation between the Right, Marco, and Lizmark Jr. led to Lizmark offering to pick singles maches for Marco & RJ Brewer; if they won, they might get a title shot

2) Marco Corleone DCOR Sydistiko
Sydistiko taunted Marco with a photo of Shane Helms in the hospital after his car accident. They fought outside for the countout.
3) Vladamiro b Máscarita Dorada
before the match started, Rekon of the Right attacked Dorada as well as Mini Park and Mini Octagoncito. Vladamiro took advantage for the easy win.
4) Chrissy Cialis & Tigresa Caliente b Mini Park & Octagoncito
minis were still hurting from Rekon's attack.
5) Sol I & Sol II b Oriental © [LLUSA TAG]
The Sols were the people getting involved in Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. matches previously. Tinieblas was not there, so Oriental took them both on and lost. Mr. Aguila made the save after the match (Invasors sticking together! probably not.) They were able to unmask one of Sol, who turned out to be Tinieblas Jr. Oriental could not believe it. After, it was announced the tag team titles were vacant because they changed hands in a handicap match.
6) Rocky Romero & Súper Nova b PR Flyer & San Juan Kid
sounds like a very good match. In an unrelated skit between matches, Rebecca Reyes turned heel on Mini Halloween, claiming she had actually married him to divorce him and get half of his money (!?!?), but it turned out Mini Halloween had not actually signed the marriage papers and instead filed a restraining order.
7) Jon Rekon & Petey Williams b Jay Lethal & Magno
Lethal was wearing his Macho Man gear, a surprise partner since Romero & Nova had just wrestled. Rekon dropped Magno with a Samoan Drop and Petey picked up the win. Petey got in a shoving fight with a planted fan after the match.
8) RJ Brewer b Psicosis II
presumbably Lizmark's challenge match for Brewer. Poor Psicosis can't win a singles match anywhere!
9) Lizmark Jr. © b Rocky Romero [LLUSA HEAVY]
Rocky challenged Lizmark to prove he was tough by defending his title. Said to be a good match, Lizmark winning clean.

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