MW (SAT) 06/18/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Rocky Romero b Petey Williams
building up a match between their teams for the tag titles in week 3.
2) Oriental b Tinieblas Jr.
Oriental called Tinieblas out; Tinieblas turned on him last taping. Tinieblas first showed up in his Sol mask from the turn angle. After the loss, the other Sol members attacked Oriental. Mr. Aguila ran into make the save, but turned on Oriental
3) Marco Corleone b Head Hunter I & Head Hunter II
Marco got a title shot with a win. Lizmark picked the opponents. RJ Brewer, also due a title shot, was at the announce desk.
4) Súper Nova COR Jon Rekon
partners of Romero/Williams
5) Mr. Águila b Oriental
6) Jay Lethal b Medianoche
Mini Halloween was with Lethal, Mini Park with Medianoche. Halloween convinced Park to team up with him after the match.
7) Jon Rekon & Petey Williams b Rocky Romero & Súper Nova [LLUSA TAG]
8) Mini Park, Octagoncito, Pequeño Halloween b Chrissy Cialis, Rebecca Reyes, Vladamiro
Match was originally announced (at least one shows prior) as the three rudos (2 women, 1 mini) vs Mini Halloween alone, but he found some partners. Halloween defeated his ex-wife for the win.
9) RJ Brewer b Lizmark Jr. ©, Marco Corleone [LLUSA HEAVY]
stips were Lizmark's title vs RJ's faction (would have to split if he lost) vs Marco's hair. Lizmark apparently was also leading the Sol group, who interfered in this match. Marco took out the Sol, Lizmark cracked him with a cane, and color announcer Steve Richards ran in to superkick Lizmark. Brewer picked up the pin and the title. The Right (Brewer, Rekon, Williams and now Richards) celebrated having all the belts.

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