LLUSA (SAT) 07/30/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) PR Flyer & San Juan Kid b Diamon Face & Máscara Púrpura
three guys who were mostly missing from the last 'season', and one guy who's probably a MTY guy with a slightly different name.
2) Mr. Águila b El Hijo de Aníbal
Anibal was built up as a tecnico, but then got angry at the ref after being rolled up for the loss.
3) Magno DQ Petey Williams
Stevie Richards, a member of The Right, with Williams, ran in for the DQ. Other members John Rekon and Brewer helped, until Marco made the save. The Right offered Marco a spot, but Marco instead made a anti-racism promo (hooray!) and Rocky Romero & Super Nova turned up for a eight man brawl
4) Stevie Richards b Rocky Romero
distraction by Petey to set up the win. Marco tried to make the save agian, but Kip (Billy) Gunn took him out.
5) Oriental b Chi Chi
Pequeno Halloween was with Chi Chi, and was randomlly attacked by Mini Park. Oriental pinned Chi Chi in the meantime. Rebecca Reyes turned up after the match to dance with Park. OK!
6) Marco Corleone b Kip Gunn
The Right interference did not work this time. More brawling between the Right and the tecnicos post match. Marco declared the four tecnicos (Romero, Nova, Magno) as The International Alliance
7) Súper Nova b Petey Williams
Before the match, The Right tried to rename the promotion Professional Wrestling USA: American Warriors and ban all masked, minis and women from the promotion. A rep of the LLUSA commision said 'no', and set up this match and the title match to come
8) Magno b Kip Gunn
Barely a match. Kip Gunn vowed to destroy Magno to make up for the loss to Marco, and told the ref to count Magno out. Magno slipped in the ring, cradled Kip, and got the three count.
9) Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween b Mini Park II & Vladamiro
the Mini Park who turned on Halloween was in fact a Fake Evil Mini Park (!!!!). The real one showed up and attacked him during this match. Halloween beat Evil Red Mini Park for the win.
10) Lizmark Jr. DQ RJ Brewer
Lizmark getting his title rematch; he'd appeared earlier in the show declaring he was a fighting champ when he was champ and Brewer should do the same, and also blaming a deal with the (mostly absent) Sol group for his loss. The Right was banned from ringisde. Sol was less absent here, running in at the end to help out Lizmark. They tossed Lizmark's cane to him, but Brewer got it and smacked Lizmark. Ref saw the cane, and called the DQ. No title change.

Event Notes: This taping sounds vastly entertaining. LLUSA announced Charlie Malice Jr. will debut on the next taping. Hmmmm. Not sure of the next taping (or when this might ever air, of course), but if you like to read the tea leaves, it's interesting to note they stopped using licensed music and went to using generic themes instead.

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