LLUSA (SAT) 08/27/2011 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M [PWTorch]
1) Chirssy Cialis & Vladamiro b Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween
Rebecca Reyes & Evil Park attacked the tecnicso before the match.
2) Mr. Águila b Huracán Ramírez Jr.
whichever Huracan Ramriez Jr. apparently gassed early.
3) Celestial & Magno b Jon Rekon & Petey Williams
Non-title. Celestial is the Perros del Mal mini. Petey pulled Magnos' mask, but he had another one behind it. Rekon was blinded by an eye rake, then took out Petey to give the luchadors the win.
4) El Hijo de Aníbal b Chi Chi
5) Lady Luck b Rebceca Reyes [lingerie]
In a skit earlier, Lady Luck had debuted, helping Good Mini Park against Reyes and Evil Mini Park and setting up this match. Luck won, 2 pieces of clothing to 1.
6) Mr. Águila & Oriental DQ Lizmark Jr. & Tinieblas Jr.
Tineiblas & Lizmark, part of Sol, had earlier threatened Oriental, with Aguila offering to team with him. Two masked Sol members ran in for the DQ. Those two men seemingly randomlly turned on each other, with one being revealed as Sydistiko and the other as Anibal Jr. Tinieblas, Anibal (and maybe Oriental?) were run off. Aguila, Lizmark and Sydistiko are the new version of Treachery. A later skit reenforced the idea of a trios feud between the two remixed sides.
7) Marco Corleone b Stevie Richards
based off an earlier confronation between Stevie and the international tecnico group. Marco won clean.
8) RJ Brewer © b Magno [LLUSA HEAVY]
first time Brewer was able to defeat Mango, thought it took pulling his tights. Both groups brawled after the match, teasing the Marco/RJ title match.
9) PR Flyer & San Juan Kid b Rocky Romero & Súper Nova and Máscara Púrpura & Medianoche [#1 Contenders, LLUSA TAG, TLC]
spotfest. Rekon & Williams ran in to tie Nova & Romero to the ropes to stop them from winning the shot, but couldn't stop the PR Powers.

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