(Lucha Libre La Epoca Dorada)

UWA (SUN) 06/12/1983 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan, Estado de México [Matt Farmer, RB, SuperLuchas 475]
Attendance: 30000
1) Dr. Wagner Jr., Scorpió, Tamba b Black Man, Enrique Vera, Junji Hirata
2) Babe Face & Perro Aguayo b George Takano & Gran Hamada
3) Hiro Saito, Kotetsu Yamamoto, Norio Honaga b Anibal, El Solitario, Villano III
Yamamoto, retired in 1980, came to Japan to work as an announcer for the show, but had to fill in for Seiji Sakaguchi.
4) Tiger Mask I b Fishman [WWF JH]  (posted by NJPW)
Tiger Mask was prior champ, but vacated after being hurt in a match with Dynamite Kid. Tiger Mask won the vacant title in 22:48. Tiger took the 1st with a martinete before the finish (11:06), Fishman won the second with a plancha (4:37), Tiger won the match with a German Suplex (7:05)
5) Canek DQ Tatsumi Fujinami © [UWA Heavy] Canek recobra su cinturón UWA. 1983 (posted by CRONICASYLEYENDASLL)
20:18. Canek weighed in at 110 kg with Karloff Lagarde as his second. Canek won the first in 8:13, Fujinami won the second with a Dragon Suplex (2:30) and Canek won by DQ in 9:35 to win back the title. Fujinami was DQed for accidentally kicking the referee. The luchadors did not notice, and Canek toped Fujinami on the outside to leave them both out for a while. Finish was confusing to the fans.

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