(Carxyus Ring)

MORA (SUN) 02/12/1984 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan, Estado de México [Box y Lucha 1627, Carxyus Ring, Matt Farmer, RB] Attendance: 25000
1) El Solar, Súper Astro, Ultraman b Black Terry, José Luis Feliciano, Lobo Rubio
2) Ringo Mendoza DRAW Villano III
Ringo Mendoza replaced Sangre Chicana. Villano III was supposed to defend a title but wasn't allowed to anyway because he already had a defense scheduled for the 13th. Match went to a draw with Mendoza unmasking V3 after the match. Rare Villanos/Mendoza match.
3) el Signo, Negro Navarro, Texano DQ Black Man, Kato Kung Lee, Kung Fu
Black Man fouled Negro navarro
4) Abdullah the Butcher, Dr. Wagner, Tamba b Dos Caras, El Solitario, Enrique Vera ABDULLAH BUTCHER Y ABDULLAH TAMBA (posted by CRONICASYLEYENDASLL) Dos Caras/El Solitario/Enrique Vera vs Abdullah The Butcher/Tamba/Dr Wagner (UWA 2/12/84) (posted by Roy Lucier UWA Mexico) Dos Caras/El Solitario/Enrique Vera vs. Abdullah The Butcher/Abdullah Tamba/Dr. Wagner (posted by rnrwrasslin) EL SOLITARIO,DOS CARAS Y ENRIQUE VERA VS ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER,ABDULLAH TAMBA Y DR WAGNER 14 FEB 1984 (posted by DJSPECTRORELOAD) El Solitario/Dos Caras/E. Vera VS Abdullah The Butcher/Tamba/Dr Wagner Sr (UWA February 14th, 1984) (posted by Roy Lucier UWA Mexico)
5) Perro Aguayo COR Gran Hamada [WWF LH]
Hamada missed a dive and was counted out. Aguayo also needed to go to the hospital match.
6) Canek © b Andre The Giant [UWA Heavy] Andre el Gigante vs El Canek (UWA February 4th, 1984) (posted by Roy Lucier UWA Mexico) Canek levanta a Andre el Gigante un vídeo de oro (posted by Mr Luchas) Canek vs. Andre The Giant (posted by rnrwrasslin) MásLuchaRETRO: Canek vs Andre, el Gigante | 📆 12 febrero, 1984 🏟️ Toreo de Cuatro Caminos (posted by mluchatv) Video del Recuerdo / Andre el Gigante Vs Canek en el Toreo de 4 Caminos (posted by ENTRE SEGUNDA Y TERCERA)
The famous Canek slamming Andre match (though he may have done it before.) Appears to be Andrea's only pinfall loss in Mexico.

Event Notes: 9th Anniversary for promotion & 50th Anniversary of Francisco Flores as a promoter

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