EMLL (FRI) 09/18/1987 Arena México [Halcon 803, RB]
***53rd Anniversary Show*** Attendance: 12680
1) MS-1 & Satánico b Kung Fu & Ray Mendoza
2) Eddy Guerrero & El Hijo Del Santo b El Dandy & El Hijo Del Gladiador
best match of the night, Santo & Eddy win in straight falls, the last when Dandy unmsaked Santo
3) Blue Panther, Herodes, Manuel Escobedo b Lizmark, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Rayo de Jalisco Sr.
debut of the Killer Machines (Panther/Herodes/Escobedo), though that unit changes quickly
4) Pirata Morgan b Tony Salazar [hair]
Salazar took 1, got DQed in the second (excessive violence?), and Pirata took the third.
5) Chavo Guerrero, Hector Guerrero, Mando Guerrero DQ Gran Markus, Gran Markus Jr., Sangre Chicana Sangre Chicana/Gran Markus Sr and Jr vs Chavo Guerrero/Hector Guerrero/Mando Guerrero (CMLL 9/18/87) (posted by Roy Lucier CMLL)
Markus fouled Chavo
6) Mogur b As Charro [mask] Arena Mexico As Charro vs  Mogur 18 Septiembre1987 (posted by DJSPECTRORELOAD) Mogur vs As Charro (CMLL September 18th, 1987) (posted by Roy Lucier CMLL)
Mogur took 2/3 to win. As Charro is Jorge Huaracha. Very good match.

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