LLUSA (SUN) 04/14/2013 Citizen Banks Arena, Ontario, California [Carlos, So Cal Uncensored]
Attendance: 1550
1) Mini Park & Vladimiro b Celestial & Pequeño Halloween
May not be the Mexico Celestial; name was unclear.
2) Dr. Pepper Man b Psicosis II
Dr. Pepper Man may have also been named El Nuevo Macho and might have been Rocky Romero.
3) Súper Nova b Súper Crazy
Crazy played to the crowd a lot.
4) La Máscara b Mr. Águila
5) Hurricane Helms DQ Lizmark Jr.
Lizmark looked out of shape. Bad match.
6) Blue Demon Jr. & Solar I b Jon Rekon & RJ Brewer
A mini Demon helped out the tecnicos, but was attacked by Rekon. Entertaining main event. Tecnicos put a Solar mask on Brewer, and Rekon accidentally pinned him.

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