XMW (SAT) 06/21/2014 Arena Fusion, Jardines de Morelos, Ecatepec, Estado de México [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Dollar b ?  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
other participants not listed.
2) Chica Ye-Ye b Centella, Demasiado, Legendario, Obscuro, Mixus, Kilvan, Medieval, Emperador Azteca  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
Emperador Azteca and Chica Yeye (who beat fellow exotico Demasiado to win) replaced Toxin Boy.
3) Kronoz & Tornado b Fly Star & Toxin Boy and Metaleón & Wasson and Centvrión & Fulgor I and Fly Metalik & Wotan  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
No Saruman, so Fulgor teamed with Centvrion instead and Toxin Boy teamed with Fly Star. Tornado & Kronoz beat Centvrion & Fulgor for the win. Wotan and Fly Star are headed to a mask match.
4) Yoruba b Mamba © [XMW JH]  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
Yoruba won the title.
5) Daga, Fénix (AAA), Soul Rocker, Toscano b Belial, Fly Warrior, Impulso, Mr. Leo  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
AAA vs XMW. Toscano bled from the mouth and from a cut behind one of his ears.
6) Arez © b Pentagón Jr. [PDM LH]  (posted by Powerbomb.TV)
Pentagon dominated the match, but Impulso interfered to help Arez keep the title. Mamba ran in after to even the odds and set up a tag match.
7) Ludark Shaitan b La Magnifica  (posted by Powerbomb.TV) 3er aniversario xmw Magnifica vs Ludark Shaitan (posted by LuDarKShAiTAN)

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