LU (SAT) 10/04/2014 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Mariachi Loco
Cage is Brian Cage. A blond woman accompanied Mariachi Loco (probably the one who is Holly Meowy on Twitter.)
2) Fénix b Big Ryck, Máscarita Sagrada, Prince Puma, Pentagón Jr., Son of Havoc, Súper Fly, King Cuerno, Mariachi Loco, Drago (AAA) * Lucha Underground 12/17/14: 10 WAY MATCH - Full Fight (posted by El Rey Network)
All ten wrestlers came to the ring, then Dario Cueto announced he'd be giving someone a big chance on the show. He announced a ten man elimination match with the guys who were in the ring. Fenix beat Puma to end a great crazy match. Crowd was into Mascarita Sagrada trying to win.
3) Mil Muertes b Chavo Guerrero Jr., Sexy Star, Johnny Mundo, B-Boy, Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Mandel, Famous B [battle royal] *
Chavo eliminated Sexy Star, so their issues continue. Mundo kept nearly getting eliminated, then was thrown out by Mil at the end. Fenix came out and he and Mil had a staredown. Cueto returned with a belt and announced there'd be a champion crowned before the end of the year. He explained how this would happen; The person at the show didn't understand the explanation, except for the part where Mil versus Fenix would be the first match and happen right now
4) Mil Muertes b Fénix [Aztec Warfare seeding] *
Winner of the match earned the last spot in Aztec Warfare. Loser of the match earned the first spot in the match.
5) King Cuerno b Súper Fly *
Drago watched the match.
6) Chavo Guerrero Jr. b Fénix *
Pentagon Jr. tripped up Fenix leading to his loss. Sexy Star said Demon would be back for his revenge soon.
7) Johnny Mundo b Big Ryck, Prince Puma [Ladder] * Lucha Underground 12/10/14 - TRIPLE THREAT LADDER MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
A mystery man tried to make the save for Ryck, but Mundo ended up winning. Cueto demanded his key returned, and Mundo gave it to him - after he punched him.

Event Notes: Last three matches ended up airing before the first three.

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