Chilanga Mask (SUN) 02/15/2015 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México [Estrellas del Ring, makuilpoali ixtin, MT]
1) Epydemius & Magnífico b Benji Maverick & Psico Kid Debut de Epydemius en Chilanga mask (posted by Fresbee Mex) Epydemius y Magnífico vs Psycko Kid y Benji Maverick, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV)
No Karma & Astro Rey Jr. The Coacalco/Monterrey team got the win.
2) La Vaquerita b Keira Keira vs Vaquerita, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV) Vaquerita vs Keira MOMENTOS EN CHILANGA MASK (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
3) Trauma I & Trauma I b Aero Boy & Jeque highlights (posted by TVLuchaMundial) Los Traumas I y II vs Aero Boy y El Jeque, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV) Traumas vs Jeque y Aeroboy. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Jeque ended with a chest injury.
4) Herodes Jr. b Fly Warrior Herodes Jr vs Fly Warrior BULL TERRIER MATCH (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Herodes Jr. vs Fly Warrior, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV)
bloody match. Benji Maverick and Psycho Kid attacked Fly Warrior after the match, with the Kriminal Boys (Fly Star & Toxin Boy) making the save. Fly Warrior is a new Kriminal Boy.
5) Dragón Lee (CMLL) b Belial Belial vs Dragón Lee en Chilanga Mask (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Belial vs Dragon Lee, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV) highlights (posted by TVLuchaMundial)
quick match; Belial was hurt early.
6) Sagrado DCOR Violento Jack highlights (posted by TVLuchaMundial) Sagrado vs Violento Jack, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV)
Sagrado issues an open challenge and was surprised to be meet by Violento Jack. They ended up fighting outside on the outside to a countout.
7) Hechicero (CMLL) b Judas el Traidor Hechicero vs Judas El Traidor, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV) Judas vs Rey Hechicero EN DUELO DE MAESTROS (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Rey Hechciero vs Judas el Traidor 15-02-15 (posted by TVLuchaMundial)
8) Pagano b Arez & Impulso highlights (posted by TVLuchaMundial) Impulso y Arez vs Pagano, en Chilanga Mask (posted by +LuchaTV)
Pagano won the hardcore handicap match. He was given a Masada shirt at the end of the match.

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