AAA, The Crash (FRI) 07/03/2015 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [SuperLuchas, The Gladiatores]
1) Star Dragón b Enigma, Destroyer, Mosco Negro, Mirage, Black Boy [The Crash Junior] STAR DRAGON PRIMER CAMPEÓN JR THE CRASH (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine)
New Title. Black Boy is already one half of the tag champs.
2) Daga & Flamita b Australian Suicide & Rey Horus Australian Suicide y Rey Horus vs Daga y Flamita (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana) EN ESPECTACULAR LUCHA FLAMITA Y DAGA VENCEN A REY HORUS Y AUSTRALIAN SUICIDE (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine) Rey Horus Australian Suicide vs Daga Flamita Tijuana (posted by VL3000)
Money thrown in. Daga beat Horus, who offered him and a partner TBD a shot at the tag titles (Horuz & Black Boy)
3) Aerostar & Fénix b B-Boy & Famous B EN LUCHA DE BANDERAS AEROSTAR Y FÉNIX DERROTAN A FAMOUS B Y B BOY (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine) Fenix y Aerostar vs B Boy y Famous B (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
The AAA duo won the all Lucha Underground match with their off the shoulders plancha.
4) Próximo L Genio del Aire, Tony Casanova, Zarco, Ángel Metálico, Mr. Maldito, Jonathan, Búfalo Ayala [hair] ZARCO GANA LA CABELLERA DE PRÓXIMO (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine) Zarco vs Proximo mascara vs cabellera (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
Casanova's first match in a while. Reverse elimination match, where the winner escaped the match by pinfall. Escape went Tony (beating Genio del Air), Genio del Air (Bufalo Ayayla), Bufalo Ayala (Maldito), Metalico (Jonathan), Mr. Maldito (moonsault onto everyone), Jonathan (Zarco) leaving Zarco & Proximo. Proximo got a visual pin on Zarco with the ref down, but Zarco ended up winning - saving his mask and taking Proximo's hiar.
5) Pentagón Jr. b ACH, Bestia 666, Extreme Tiger [Torneo Refacciones del Valle] ASÍ GANABA PENTAGÓN JR EL TERCER TROFEO REFACCIONARIAS DEL VALLE (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine) Tercer Torneo Refaccionarias del valle (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
Daga ran out to help Pentagon, while Rey Horuz tried to help Bestia. Pentagon beat Bestia with a package piledriver, and the two talked about either a title match and mask/hair (reports differ, tag title match makes more sense.)
6) La Parka & Psycho Clown b Parka Negra & Zorro LA PARKA Y PSYCHO CLOWN SE QUEDARON CON LA VICTORIA ANTE LA PARKA NEGRA Y EL ZORRO (posted by 126f Pro Wrestling Magazine) La Parka y Psycho Clown vs El Zorro y Parka Negra (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
Parka was honored before the match. Both sides were counted out in the first, then the tecnicos took 2/3.

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