Cara Lucha (WED) 09/16/2015 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México [+LuchaTV, Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), El Pancracio, Estrellas del Ring, Furia de Titanes, Imparable del Ring, KronoSport, The Gladiatores, thecubsfan]
1) Rey Fénix b Death Fly, Imperio Negro, Ying Sang, Balak CaraLucha 9/16 Opener (posted by Rob Viper) Dives! (posted by Rob Viper) Double Underhook Piledriver! (posted by Rob Viper) Rey Fenix in action! (posted by Rob Viper) Rey Fenix on a roll! Kinda! (posted by Rob Viper) Running Somersault Plancha! (posted by Rob Viper) Ugly Flying Dropkick (posted by Rob Viper)
2) Centvrión & Látigo b Fly Warrior & Mr. Leo Centvrión & Látigo vs Fly Warrior & Mr. Leo (posted by thecubsfan) Centvrion and Latigo get the win! (posted by Rob Viper) Centvrion ASAI MOONSAULT! (posted by Rob Viper) CENTVRION IS STRONG! (posted by Rob Viper) Centvrion/Latigo vs Mr Leo/Fly Warrior (posted by Rob Viper) Cool submission by Mr Leo! (posted by Rob Viper) How To Break Up A Pin 101 (posted by Rob Viper) Látigo y Centvrión vs Mr. Leo y Fly Warrior, en Caralucha Promociones (posted by +LuchaTV) More Centvrion/Latigo vs Mr Leo/Fly Warrior (posted by Rob Viper) Mr Leo & Fly Warrior Double Team! (posted by Rob Viper) Mr. Leo y Fly Warrior vs Centurion y Latigo (posted by tvluchadelpasado) Swinging DDT! (posted by Rob Viper) Wrong Guy! (posted by Rob Viper)
Fly Warrior replaced Metaleon. Great match. The Kriminal Boys welcomed Fly Warrior into their group after the match, but Fly Warrior rejected them. Centviron, Latigo and Fly Warrior attacked the Kriminal Boys and formed their own group, Mala Hierba.
3) Sky Man b Rayo Star, Príncipe Diamante  (posted by Rob Viper)  (posted by Rob Viper) Corkscrew Plancha by Skyman! (posted by Rob Viper) DVD into the turnbuckles! (posted by Rob Viper) Fisherman Buster into turnbuckles! (posted by Rob Viper) Principe Diamante Driver! (posted by Rob Viper) Principe Diamante in action! (posted by Rob Viper) Príncipe Diamante vs Rayo Star vs Skyman, en Caralucha Promociones (posted by +LuchaTV) Rayo Star vs Príncipe Diamante vs Skyman 1a Parte (posted by FollingDT) Rayo Star vs Skyman! (posted by Rob Viper) Rope Trick 360 Armdrag! (posted by Rob Viper) Running Corkscrew Plancha! (posted by Rob Viper) Skyman defeats Rayo Star! (posted by Rob Viper) Somersault Plancha! (posted by Rob Viper) Triple Handspring Backflips! (posted by Rob Viper)
Flyer did not show, so a tag match was turned into a three way. Principe Diamante was concussed early in the match and the match struggled until he was eliminated. Skyman beat Rayo Star for the win.
4) Aeroboy & Violento Jack b Fly Star & Toxin Aero Boy y Violento Jack vs Toxin y Fly Star, en Caralucha Promociones (posted by +LuchaTV) Crowd Brawling (posted by Rob Viper) Everyone Down! (posted by Rob Viper) Great idea, rough execution (posted by Rob Viper) Kriminals take fall two! (posted by Rob Viper) Kriminals take to the air! (posted by Rob Viper) One Man Double Samoan Drop (posted by Rob Viper) Power Bomb Double Stomp Combo (posted by Rob Viper) Spider German Suplex! (posted by Rob Viper) The ropes tricked him (posted by Rob Viper) Toxin Boy y Fly Star vs Violento Jack y Aeroboy  ¡¡¡ KRIMINALS vs COMPARES !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Hard hitting match, with the Compadres Extremos winning in the first three fall match of the night.
5) Centinela (Chihuahua), Epydemius, Último Ninja b Andy Boy, Danger, Guerrero Mixtico Centinela, Ultimo Ninja y Epidemius vs Los Neza Kings (posted by mowelbrito) Epydemis,ultimo ninja cara lucha (posted by Fresbee Mex) Epydemius ultimo ninja centinela vs los neza (posted by Fresbee Mex) Great dive sequence from CaraLucha 9/16! (posted by Rob Viper) Low Blows for everyone! (posted by Rob Viper) Neza Kings take fall two! (posted by Rob Viper) Neza Kings! (posted by Rob Viper) Rope Trick Armdrag by Centinella (posted by Rob Viper) Ropeflip Moonsault by Centinella (posted by Rob Viper) Team MonteJuarez take fall one! (posted by Rob Viper) Ultimo Ninja asai moonsault (posted by Rob Viper) Último Ninja, Epydemius y Centinela vs Neza Kings, en Caralucha Promociones (posted by +LuchaTV)
Danger & Mixitco came to the ring with the ERLL tag belts from Monterrey. Match halted after a Centinela handspring broke the top rope. Match resumed while the turnbuckle was still being fixed, and second fall was very bad due to nerves and not trusting the ropes. Third fall was good, with a huge dive train. Everyone fouled everyone else in the third fall after the ref went down, but the ref got up in time to see Mixtico fouled Centinela. Mixtico tried fouling referee Teddy, but he caught it and fouled Mixtico himself. The Neza Kings tried to taking the tecnicos masks and pinning them, only for Teddy to call the DQ. Epydemius and Ultimo Ninja challenged for a tag title match.
6) Pagano b Damián 666, LA Park Backyard wrestler in action! (posted by Rob Viper) L.A PARK vs PAGANO vs DAMIAN 666   ¡¡¡ EN LUCHA EXTREMA !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) L.A PARK vs PAGANO vs DAMIAN 666   ¡¡¡ EN LUCHA EXTREMA !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) L.A. Park vs Pagano vs Damián 666, en Caralucha Promociones (posted by +LuchaTV) LA Park vs Damian 666 vs Pagano (posted by Rob Viper) PagaNO (posted by Rob Viper) Pagano vs Damian 666 vs L.A Park (posted by LuDarK ShAiTAN Oficial) Pagano vs L.a. park vs Damian 666 cara lucha (posted by Fresbee Mex) Tope suicida by LA Park! (posted by Rob Viper)
LA Park ripped CMLL in prematch mic work. Extreme match, where LA Park still got DQed for a foul. Pagano beat Damian after LA Park finally left.

Event Notes: Card greatly changed after CMLL pulled it's luchadors (Rush, Polvora, Boby Zavala, Electrico)

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