EMLL (SUN) 12/10/1978 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Box Y Lucha 1364, El Informador 1978-12-10]
1) Salvaje b Félix Mosqueda
2) Sergio Espana b Araña Atómica
3) Erra II b The Irs
4) Cachorro Mendoza, Kato Kung Lee, Mano Negra DRAW Blue Soldier, El Ídolo, Pak Choo
Solder Blue is always listed as Blue Soldier in Box Y Lucha.
5) Américo Rocca b Kung Fu © [MEX WELTER]
Rocca took 2/3.

Event Notes: Rey Plata & Julian Sanchez are the promoters here according to a notes column on Box Y Lucha 1361 (noting this title match is coming weeks ahead of time)

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