LU (SUN) 01/31/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Cage b Dr. Wagner Jr., Chavo Guerrero, Mr. Cisco, Cobra, Cortez Castro, El Capitán Delacruz, Joey Ryan, Máscarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Mandel, Son of Havoc, Texano Jr., the Mack, Vinny Massaro
Dark match. Wagner last out.
2) Sexy Star b Daga, Killshot, Mariposa, Marty Martinez, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Night Claw [LU Gift of the Gods] *
Start of episode 25. Night Claw's debut (and his only match). Elimination match: Siniestro (Night Claw), Daga (Night Claw), Night Claw (Killshot), Killshot (Mariposa), Mariposa (Sexy Star), Martinez (Sexy Star) leaving Sexy Star as champ
3) Mil Muertes b King Cuerno [death] * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 2: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes - DEATH MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Mil Muetes destroyed King Cuerno. End of episode 25.
4) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix b Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black © [LU TRIOS] *
start of episode 26. Title changed, helped a bit by Angelico returning to attack Mundo
5) Dragón Azteca Jr. DQ Black Lotus *
finish not clear; Pentagon attacked both, but Azteca first. He broke both their arms and demanded his title match next.
6) Matanza © b Pentagón Dark [LU CHAMP] * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 3: Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza - CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (posted by El Rey Network)
Debut of Pentagon Dark. Pentagon beat Matanza more than anyone had beat him before (a reoccurring pattern), but lost the match when Vampiro handed him a barbed wire bat, Dario stopped Pentagon from using it, and Matanza used the bat himself. Pentagon blamed Vampiro for the loss.
7) Taya b Ivelisse *
Catrina attacked Ivelisse to cost her the match.
8) Paul London b Delavar Daivari
Dark match (replaced by a Rey/Misterio video feature on the show.) Delavar Daivari claimed he had bought a spot on Ultima Lucha 2 after not appearing all season, and challenged anyone. Paul London (road agent to this point) defeated him.
9) Rey Mysterio b Prince Puma * Ultima Lucha Dos: Part 3: Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (posted by El Rey Network)
Mysterio won when Puma was too cocky and not quick enough to finish off Mysterio. Pentagon attacked Striker and Vampiro after the match, cutting Vampiro with the barbed wire bat with lots of blood. End of episode 26 & season 2.

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