LU (SAT) 04/09/2016 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) the Mack b Marty Martinez, Dragón Azteca Jr., Mil Muertes [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] * Lucha Underground 12/07/16 The Mack vs El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Mil Muertes vs Marty The Moth Martinez (posted by El Rey Network)
The Mack advanced after Matanza attacked Dragon Azteca
2) Sexy Star b PJ Black *
Jack Evans cost PJ the match
3) Cage b Texano Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Joey Ryan [Battle of the Bulls, semifinal] *
Texano beat Cage.
4) Kevin Kross b Kevin Martenson
dark match. Ref stoppage
5) Dragón Azteca Jr. b Chavo Guerrero Jr. *
Rey Mysterio was referee. He attacked Chavo to help Dragon win.
6) Aerostar, Drago, Fénix © b London Ninja I, London Ninja II, Paul London [LU TRIOS]
Paul London debuted with Ninjas (perhaps future Mala Suerte & Saltador?) but lost. Kobra Moon watched the match and cut a promo on Drago after the match. This scenario was repeated (but with different gimmicks for London's friends) two weeks later, probably replacing this match.
7) Sexy Star b Johnny Mundo, Matanza ©, Pentagón Dark, Son of Havoc, Jeremiah Crane, PJ Black, Mariposa, Rey Mysterio Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Marty Martinez, Jack Evans, Ricky Mandel, Máscarita Sagrada, Famous B, the Mack, Joey Ryan, Mil Muertes, Kobra Moon, Drago [Aztec Warfare, LU CHAMP] *
Sexy Star beat Mil to win the title.

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