ELITE (FRI) 10/21/2016 Arena Lopez Mateos [+LuchaTV, R de Rudo, RobViper (Music Video), SuperLuchas]
1) Hijo del Pantera & Rocky Lobo b Luzbel & Tanque Infernal
listed as Pantera, but actually Hijo del Pantera.
2) Emperador Azteca, Hijo de LA Park, Zumbi b Diamante, Imposible, Karonte Jr. * Hijo de Dos Caras, HijoDrWagnerJr y Karonte Junior vs Zumbi, Golden Magic y Bandido (posted by R de Rudo) Hijo L.A.PARK, ZUMBI, EMPERADOR AZTECA vs KARONTE, DIAMANTE, IMPOSIBLE 22/Oct/2016 (posted by Liga Elite)
money thrown in.
3) El Bandido & Golden Magic b Argos & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. * BANDIDO, GOLDEN MAGIC vs ARGOS, WAGNER Jr  Lucha Azteca 22/Oct/2016 (posted by Liga Elite) Hijo de Dr Wagner Jr y Argos vs Bandido y Golden Magic (posted by ) HijodeWagner, Argos, Imposible vs Emperador, Bandido, Zumbi (posted by R de Rudo)
Dr. Wagner Jr. replaced Hijo de Dos Caras. A fan tried to get into a fight with Wagner during the match and was thrown out. Golden Magic and Argos feuded.
4) Cibernético & Sharlie Rockstar b Mr. Águila & Zumbido Cibernético y Sharlie Rockstar vs Mr Águila y Zumbido (posted by R de Rudo) Cibernético y Sharlie Rockstar vs Mr Àguila y Zumbido (posted by )
Hellbrothers won with a Cibernetico foul on Aguila, then teased a big surprise soon.
5) Rey Escorpión b Blue Demon Jr. [Liga Elite] * Blue Demon Jr vs Rey Escorpión (posted by R de Rudo) Blue Demon Jr vs Rey Escorpión (posted by ) BLUE DEMON vs REY ESCORPION Lucha Azteca 22/Oct/2016 (posted by Liga Elite)
Escorpion used a mask pull to win. Demon challenged for a mask versus hair match, Escorpion said no.
6) Carístico b LA Park [cage, Liga Elite] * Carístico vs L.A Park en jaula (posted by ) Carístico vs L.A. Park Lucha Elite (posted by R de Rudo) CARISTICO vs L.A. PARK Lucha Estelar en Jaula 22/Oct/2016 (posted by Liga Elite)
A chair got in the cage and Caristico bled. Rey Escorpion came in the cage and attacked both guys. LA Park threw Caristico out of the cage (?) giving him the won, which gets him a match with Rey Escorpion (?), and Caristico came back in for a three way fight.

RobViper (Music Video)

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