PW (SAT) 03/18/2017 Coliseo Héctor Solá Bezares, Caguas, Puerto Rico [Primera Hora]
Attendance: 200
1) Violento Jack b Sadiko, Pakal
2) Ludark Shaitan b Chik Tormenta
3) Laredo Kid b Séptimo Dragón
4) Mystique b Silueta
5) Demus 3:16 © b Eléctrico [LLS CHAMP]
6) Extreme Tiger b Aero Boy
after the match, Puerto Rico luchadors ran in (Mighty Ursus, Peter the Bad Romance and Angel Cota), angry the show was only Mexicans. The Mexicans came to the rescue to set up th enext show.
7) Rey Horus b Bestia 666

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