EMLL (TUE) 08/31/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 98, Lucha Libre 99]
1) Cesar Valentino & Mishima Ota vs Pato Soria & Sergio Borrayo and Espartano & Memo Rubio and Benny Romero & Dick Angelo and Ángel Negro & Conde and El Muerto & La Momia
other teams scheduled for the same torneo
2) El Rebelde & Tony Reyna DRAW Huroki Sito & Rolando Ruiz [final]
no word on the cause of the draw. Huroki and Ruiz bled. Fans want a rematch. Roland appears to be a sub for Rizado Ruiz.

Event Notes: third stright torneo relampago

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