GALLI (SUN) 06/04/2017 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois [thecubsfan]
1) Galactic Kid b Atómico Jr., Pentagono Jr.
Galactic Kid win via DDT on Atomico Jr. Pentagono may have been hurt on a superplex/powerbomb spot right before the finish (finish looked improvised.)
2) El Traidor & Ojo Blanco b Atómico & Golden Dragón
Traidor won with super DVD. Ojo Blanco announced as from LA.
3) Furia Roja © b Elliot Paul [GALLI JUNIOR]
Paul went for a belt shot but Roja speared him for the win.
4) Venus b Chico Suave, Zen, Draconis, Fly Star
Fly Star from Mexico was added to the match. Venus won with a sort of leg lariat.
5) Eros, Golden Star, Guerrero Maya Jr. b Fúnebre, Mr. Brisa, Slayer *
Maya beat Slayer with a reverse tope.
6) Guerrerito & Imperio Azteca © b Pat Monix & Storm Grayson [GALLI TAG]
Monix & Grayson's antics annoyed friend?/manager? Chico Suave. He attacked Grayson, blaming him for the loss, then betrayed Monix as well. They called Suave back to the ring, but were jumped and destroyed by Skayde Jr. & Gringo Loco.
7) Aeroboy & Mojo McQueen b Skayde & Skayde Jr. *
Skayde fouled Aeroboy, and Skayde Jr. pulled the trunks on the pin, then unmasked him again.
8) GPA b Barry Ryte © [GALLI CHAMP] *
3rd and last match. Ryte never seemed to get control of the match at any point without his manager interfering. After every trick in the book, GPA was too busy caning the manager handicufed to the ropes only for Ryte to foul him and drop him with his finisher for the title change.
9) Billy Star b Penta Zero M, Gringo Loco, Isaias Velazquez, Carnalito * Penta Zero M VS Gringo Loco VS Billy Star VS Isaias Velasqiez VS Carnalito (posted by GALLI Lucha Libre)
Isaias Velazquez and the debuting Vaquerito (claimed to be from Mexicali) were additions. Elimination order: Carnalito, Velazquez, Gringo Loco and Penta 0M, with Billy Star pulling off the win. Post match set up Fenix/Penta vs Billy Star/TBA for September.

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