indy (SUN) 10/22/2017 Cancha Germán Evers, Mazatlán, Sinaloa
1) Pajaro NM Thunder Boy
2) Black Danger (Baja California) & Último Maldito NM Arkángel Divino & Black Boy (Baja California)
3) Hijo del Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan NM Eclipse & Sigma
4) Laredo Kid & Rey Horus NM Bestia 666 & Último Ninja
5) Octagón NM Rey Escorpión (Indie), Mr. Águila
6) Charly Manson & Garza Jr. NM Electroshock & Zorro
Garza listed, but unlikely to appear due to injury

Event Notes: Show canceled as it was happening due to lack of funds to pay the luchadors (+ low turnout)

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