RIOT (SAT) 05/26/2018 Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León [LuchaMania Monterrey]
1) Erick Ortiz b Mr. Iguana  (posted by riotlucha)
Show was delayed due to local power outage about 90 minutes before the show. Ortiz & Iguana volunteered to go wrestle in the dark to keep the fans interest, and did so with cell phone flashlights on the ring for most of the match. Light was restored near the end of the match.
2) Byron & Kaientai b Príncipe Legendario & Psicótico and Azrael & Muerte Extrema  (posted by riotlucha)
Psicotico & Alberto Dos Rios and Azrael & Muerte Extreme were both surprise teams for the Unamericans, who still won and have a winning steak.
3) Low Rider b Furor  (posted by riotlucha)
Furor replaced Caifan II (injury)
4) Lady Flammer b Chik Tormenta  (posted by riotlucha)
5) Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks b Kratoz & Prometo  (posted by riotlucha)
Debut of Extra Talente-ed. Prometeo is the former Kamikaze. Kratoz landed a 630 on Solow which seemed to be a three count, but was only counted two. Solow and Starks came back to win.
6) Último Ninja b Bandido (Indie)  (posted by riotlucha)
good match

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