RIOT (SAT) 07/28/2018 Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León [LuchaMania Monterrey]
1) Madness b Baby Xtreme
2) Tony Rodríguez (Jalisco) b Chik Tormenta
3) Kaientai & Lord Byron b Brian Villa & Willy Banderas
Kaienntai and Byron remain undefeated in RIOT. Referee Kike Aguilera got taken out during the match, and Sammy Guevera counted the three.
4) Lady Flammer NF Baby Extreme
Keyra no-showed. Baby Extreme worked twice but suffered an arm injury early on and the match didn't finish.
5) Erick Ortiz b Ricky Starks
Ricky Starks replaced Ultimo Ninja on 07/20. Ortiz beat Starks. Ortiz challenged Starks for a trios match, Los Mismos de Siempre versus Xtra Talented + one TBA. Starks accepted then fouled Ortiz.
6) Kratoz & Prometeo b Caifan II & Furor
Prometo (formerly Kamikaze) beat Furor with a 450 splash.
7) Sammy Guevara b Jack Evans
Sammy Guevera had a birthday party earlier in the night, where a small child gave him a Goku as a present. RIOT also brought out a Panda to dance for Sammy. The Panda danced, superkick Sammy, and revealed himself to be Jack Evans. Sammy's real gift was a match with his enemy. Very good match. Guevera did a moonsault off the loft onto Jack, and was down with a leg injury for a while. He eventually crawled back to the ring to try to continue, seemed as though he could not continue, and surprised Jack with a superkick. Sammy eventually won a back and forth match with a 630 senton.

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