The Crash (SAT) 12/01/2018 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [The Crash, TJ Sports, Zona Ruda]
1) Xperia © b Taliban [The Crash JUNIOR] 1ra Lucha   Xperia  VS  Taliban, Campeonato Crucero Jr  The Crash (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Xperia (C) vs Taliban (R) Por EL CAMPEONATO CRUCERO JR THE CRASH (posted by Arena Clandestina)
first defense
2) Craven, Jonathan, Oráculo b Star Boy, Viento, Zarco 2da Lucha   Craven, Jonathan, Oraculo  VS  StarBoy, Zarco, Viento (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Oráculo, Craven & Jonathan VS Viento, Star Boy & Zarco. #TheCrashLuchaLibre (posted by Arena Clandestina)
Good match.
3) Austin Theory b Soberano Jr., Matt Cross, Mr. Iguana 3ra Lucha   Mr  Iguana VS Matt Cross VS Austin Theory VS Soberano Jr (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Austin Theory VS Mr. Iguana VS Soberano Jr VS Matt Cross.Lucha Espectacular De La Noche. (posted by Arena Clandestina)
Theory pinned Iguana
4) Penta 0M b Místico II, Rey Horus 4ta Lucha   Mistico  VS  Rey Horus  VS  Penta 0 M (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Horus Vs Mistico Vs Penta 0M (posted by La Poesia De La Lucha Libre) Penta Zero M VS Místico Nueva Era VS Rey Horus. #LuchadeAlarido (posted by Arena Clandestina) Penta Zero M vs Rey Horus vs Mistico (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
changed on 11/27 due to main event change
5) Mecha Wolf b Último Guerrero, El Mesías 5ta Lucha   El Mesias  VS  Ultimo Guerrero  VS  Mecha Wolf (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) 6ta Lucha   Sanson, Cuatrero  VS  Bestia 666, Garza Jr (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) El Mesías VS Mr.450 VS Último Guerrero. #TriangularIncreíblePesosCompletos. (posted by Arena Clandestina) Último Guerrero Vs El Mesías Vs Mecha Wolf (posted by La Poesia De La Lucha Libre) Ultimo Guerrero vs Mesías vs Mecha Wolf (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana)
Mr. 450 was moved down to replace Fatu (who's been advertised and missed both the last two shows). e got the win.
6) Bestia 666 & Garza Jr. b Cuatrero & Sansón 6ta Lucha   Sanson, Cuatrero  VS  Bestia 666, Garza Jr (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Cuatrero y Sanson vs Bestia 666 y Garza Jr (posted by Lucha Libre De Tijuana) Garza Jr & Bestia 666 VS Sansón y Cuatrero. #Lucha estrellaenrelevossencillos (posted by Arena Clandestina) Sanson / Cuatrero VS Garza Jr / Bestia 666 (posted by La Poesia De La Lucha Libre)
Originally was Fenix & Penta defending, then the titles were stripped on 11/27 due to Fenix's injury and was made Bestia/Mecha vs NGD. Garza was announced as appearing in the match, ended up in this match, and this match wasn't for the titles.

Event Notes: Johnny Mundo, Taya, Ultimo Dragon and Los Traumas were announced for their January show.

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