indy (SAT) 01/05/2019 Arena Revolucion, Álvaro Obregón, Distrito Federal [El Pancracio, LLNEI, LLNEI (Results)]
1) Lyn Master & Polarys b Hacha Diabolico & Pinky El Malo
Halcon Guerrero might have replaced Hacha Diabolico
2) Halcón Guerrero & Último Guerrero DQ Ciberblack & Fuerza Maligna
UG faked a foul to draw the DQ.
3) Diosa Quetzal b Lady Monsther ©, Black Fury [CUT WOMEN] Facebook video (posted by MikikyMedia)
Black Fury was added to the match. Quetzal won the title.
4) Meteoro Kid © DQ Disturbio [CUT CHAMP] Facebook video (posted by )
Baby Star Jr. seconded Meteoro, betrayed him, and stripped him of his mask. The referee caugth it for the DQ.
5) Baby Star & Príncipe Bengala b Centvrión & Mr. Leo © and Fly Warrior & Metaleón [CUT TAG] Campeonato de Parejas Arena Revolución (posted by Mikiky Media)
Centvrion & Mr. Leo could not longer get along as a team. Baby Star & Bengala won the title, everyone went back to their usual partners (Leo/Metaleon & Warrior/Centvrion) and challenges followed.

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