EMLL (FRI) 04/27/1956 Arena México [Box y Lucha 215A, CMLL, Lucha Libre 148]
1) Erick Bouloff b Carlos Segura
Carlos Segura replaced Bobby Rolando. Firpo Segura, Carlos' father, watched the match from the 10th row. Boulouff has been around long enough to wrestle Firpo. Actually took place after the main event.
2) Canelo Segura b Dr. Castro
3) Black Killer b Manuel Robles
4) Joe Marín b El Califa
said to be best match on the show
5) Bobby Bonales b Gorilla Flores
6) El Gladiador b El Enfermero
7) El Santo & Medico Asesino b Blue Demon & Rolando Vera
Medico Aseisno debut in Arena Mexico. He had been a Televicentro star who wrestled independently and internationally following the demise of that group. (He wouldn't be around long; those other places pay better, but Box y Lucha notices he's got a big size advantage on his opponents.) Santo & Asesino took 2/3.

Event Notes: Firpo Segura, Dientes Hernandez and Tarzan Lopez appeared as legends to welcome in the new arena. Box y Lucha has a photo of Firpo breaking a champagne bottle on the side of a ringpost to welcome the building. Box y Lucha keeps writing the attendance as 25,000 people, far higher than capacity was reported historically. The show had three announcers: Picoro, Maximiliano Aguilar and Alfredo Adam (who had done just the boxing shows to this point.) Gate is said to be over 100,000, breaking the 87,000 record set by Santo/Shadow.

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