The Crash (SAT) 06/15/2019 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [@JorgeGCRR, The Crash]
1) Austin Theory b El Mesías
2) Mecha Wolf 450 & The King b Bestia 666 & Penta 0M [Relevos Increíbles]
Mecha Wolf & Bestia asked for more compeition for the tag titles.
3) Deluxe, Dinámico, Lady Flammer b Black Danger, Miranda Alize, Tiago
Deluxe replaced Gringo Loco. Flammer pinned Miranda.
4) Hijo del Fantasma & Niebla Roja b Ángel de Oro & Rey Horus [Relevos Increíbles]
Fantasma beat Rey Angel de Oro after Los Traumas distracted the Chavez Brothers and both Rebelion members turned on them.
5) Sansón & Trauma I b Cuatrero & Trauma II [Relevos Increíbles]
Trauma were willing to fight each other, NGD was not. It came down to Cuatrero vs Sanson and Cuatrero laid down to give Sanson the win.
6) El Bandido b Adam Brooks, Dragón Lee (CMLL), Matt Taven The Crash 06/15/19 Adam Brooks vs. Matt Taven vs. Bandido vs. Dragon Lee (posted by liolio liopaque)
Bandido beat Brooks.

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