Chinampalucha (SAT) 09/05/2020 Chinampa, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal [Mas Lucha]
1) Legendario b Estruendo, Rey Optimus, Farsante, Dick Angelo 3G Chinampaluchas, (posted by +LuchaTV)
No Yoruba, so a trios become a five way
2) X-Devil Jr. b Demonio del Caribe Chinampaluchas,
3) Thunder Storm DCOR Baby Star Jr. Chinampaluchas,
4) Dragón Fly © b Yoshioka, Rey Halcón Jr. [ARGENTINO CHAMP] Chinampaluchas,
Dragon Fly replaced Yoshioka. Demonio del Caribe did not appear.
5) Gran Felipe Jr. & Mosca (Argentina) NF Hip Hop Man & Mr. Jerry Chinampaluchas,
Hip Hop Man & Mosca fouled the referee (???), ending the match
6) Zumbido b Mr. Jerry Chinampaluchas,
Mr. Jerry replaced Cicloncio (injury) and had Demonio del Caribe helping him.

Event Notes: taped in advance.

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