LLE (SUN) 02/28/2021 Tequilas Discoteque, El Paso, Texas
1) Classico & Nornico vs Águila Negra & Ángel Aéreo Classico Lucha Punk & Norinco vs Aguila Negra & Angel Aereo (posted by Tom Puppet)
2) Aviatico & Kung Fu Panda vs Classico & Lagunero Classico Lucha Punk & Lagunero vs Aviatico & Kung Fu Panda (posted by Tom Puppet)
Classico is the same wrestler as Lucha Punk, seems to be switching over around this point.
3) Ángel Jr., Peluchin, Rey Jaguar vs Hurricane Hector, Nornico, Rey Guerrero Jr. Norinco, Rey Guerrero Jr & Hurricane Hector vs Angel Jr, Peluchin & Rey Jaguar (posted by Tom Puppet)
4) Impostor & Legendario Jr. vs La Bestia & Monaguillo II Monaguillo II & Bestia vs Impostor & Legendario Jr (posted by Tom Puppet)
5) Aéreo, Hijo Del Impostor, Utopía vs Black Juvi, Fussion, Mr. Alfa Black Juvy, Mr. Alfa & Fussion vs Aereo, Hijo de Impostor & Utopia (posted by Tom Puppet)

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