KRIMINAL (SAT) 04/03/2021 Casa Kriminal, Venustiano Carranza, Distrito Federal [R de Rudo]
1) Látigo b Tromba, Shocko
2) Origen DRAW Sol [PROHIBIDO, semifinal]
3) Celestial Boy DQ Aero Panther [PROHIBIDO, semifinal]
Aero Panther used a headscissors early on, one of the banned moves in the tournament. Match was oterwise good but Panther was DQed.
4) Zeuxis b Lady Lee
5) El Bendito & Vandalo b Mike & Voltrex and Freelance & Yoruba
Bendito & Vandalo are existing wrestlers getting new (maybe Kriminal specific) gimmicks
6) Sol b Origen, Celestial Boy [PROHIBIDO, final]
7) Villano III Jr. DCOR Fuerza Guerrera NG
8) Jessy Ventura, Mamba, Pasion Kristal b Fly Star, Skayde, Toxin
Skayde replaced Baby Xtreme.

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