AAA , EMW , ICON (SAT) 11/12/2022 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [TJ Sports, Zona Ruda]
1) Fantastik & Mirage DQ Ju Dizz & Ryan Kidd and Kal Herro & Rayo Star and Kamikaze & Skalibur 420 Brothers USAN DE TRAPO la MASCARA de Mirage. Y LE LIMPIAN LAS BOTAS (posted by 2A3CAIDAS) SKALIBUR-KAMIKC VS MIRAGE-FANTASTIK VS RAYO STAR-KAL HERRO VS RYAN KID-JU DIZZ (posted by Baja Wrestling)
Skaklibur & Kamikaze unmasked Fantasik & Mirage in the never ending Tijuana/Mexicali rivalary for the DQ. Rayo Star also was unmasked.
2) La Hiedra & Maravilla b Reina Dorada & Sexy Star SEXY STAR-REINA DORADA VS LA HIEDRA-LADY MARAVILLA (posted by Baja Wrestling)
Mr. Iguana helped Hieda.
3) Máscarita Sagrada & Viva Van b Mr. Iguana & Niño Hamburguesa La Hiedra se METE EN LA LUCHA de mr Iguana y LE DECLARA SU AMOR (posted by 2A3CAIDAS) NIÑO HAMBURGUESA-MR IGUANA VS MASCARITA DORADA-VIVA VAN (posted by Baja Wrestling) TOXICO AMOR. Mr Iguana Atac4 a Sexy Star y AYUDA A LA HIEDRA (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
La Hiedra helped Iguana.
4) Vampiro b Nzo Enzo Amore que ANTIPROFESIONAL INTENTO LESIONAR al Vampiro (posted by 2A3CAIDAS) Vampiro vs NZO (posted by Baja Wrestling)
Ryan Kidd & Ju Dizz got involved. Vampiro declared he'd have his final Tijuana matches in 2023.
5) Arez & Rey Horus b Flip Gordon & Marty Scurll Arez y Rey Horus DEFIENDEN LA FRONTERA y la Mejor LUCHA LIBRE DEL MUNDO. (posted by 2A3CAIDAS) MARTY SCURLL-FLIP GORDON VS REY HORUS-AREZ (posted by Baja Wrestling)
money thrown in.
6) Taurus b Komander, Argenis, Gringo Loco (Indie) TAURUS VS KOMANDER VS GRINGO LOCO VS ARGENIS (posted by Baja Wrestling)
early in the show, Hijo del Vikingo appeared with birthday boy Jackson Jacoby and apologized for not being able to wrestle due to injury. (He said he'd be out 4 weeks.) Moose, Marty Scurll, and Gringo Loco went to attack Viking and the kid until Psycho and Pentagon made the save, but they all ended up unmasked anyway. Gringo Loco was moved to this match and Vikingo using crutches (though he had an arm injury) attacked him.
7) Pentagón Jr. & Psycho Clown b Moose & Sam Adonis PSYCHO CLOWN-PENTAGÓN JR VS SAM ADONIS-MOOSE (posted by Baja Wrestling)
Vikingo & Gringo Loco scheduled for the main event, switched to a tag match (no replacement for Vikingo), so this was a 2v2.

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