AKE (SAT) 12/17/2022 Arena Big Punch, Tijuana, Baja California [The Gladiatores]
1) Kabuki b Anubis, Dark King [Copa X Gym] GRAN TRIANGULAR Por la Copa XGYM (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
2) Skalibur b Kamik-C, Próximo UNA GUERR4 CIVIL Quien es EL MEJOR DE MEXICALI!!! (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
no Genio del Aire, so a 2v2 became a three way.
3) Medico Brujo & Sick Boy b Mortiz & TJ Boy [NGX TAG] Lucha Campeonato DE LOCOS!!! Tijuana VS Monterrey (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
4) Ricky Marvin b Ángel Metálico Angel Metalico SE LE PUSO RESPONDON a Ricky Marvin en un GRAN MANO A MANO. (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
5) Crazy Frank b X-Fly [hair] Lucha de Cabelleras EXTREMA SEDAN CON TODO Crazy Frank VS Mosco XFLY (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
billed as Crazy Frank finally ending his apuesta losing streak (though X-Fly probably has lost more). Sick Boy and Medico Asesino helped X-Fly to no avail.

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