KAOZ (SUN) 03/24/2024 Gimnasio Nuevo León Unido, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
1) Ángel Suicida, Dark Warrior, Sirius b Charro Blanco, Charro Negro, Charro Rojo Los Charros vs La Clicka |  Lucha completa | 39 Aniversario Blue Demon Jr. con Kaoz Lucha Libre (posted by mluchatv) Membresía (posted by mluchatv)
Dark Warrior beat Charro Negro via foul/mask pull
2) Bebote Valdez, Erika Sotelo, Mamba b Baby Extreme, Oro Negro, Vazco Jr. Erika Sotelo, Mamba y Bebote Valdez vs Oro Negro, Baby Xtream y Vazco Jr. | Kaoz Lucha Libre (posted by mluchatv) Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
3) Silver Star & Tigre Universitario b Charles Lucero & Difunto I Membresía  (posted by mluchatv) Tigre Universitario y Silver Star vs Difunto I y Charles Lucero | Blue Demon 39 Aniversario (posted by mluchatv)
Prior to the match, Komander was honored by the promotion. A Robles video played, teasing a confrontation. Dinamico attacked Tigre Universitario, Tigre Univesitario NG made the save. Match just continued with Universitario submitted Lucero. Pierroth NG hit the ring right after the submission, attacking the tecnicos. Halcon Suriano jr,. in his first post-CMLL appearance, made the save and annoucned he was with KAOZ.
4) Keyra b Ayako Hamada, Natalia Marakova, Julissa ©, Tiffany [KAOZ WOMEN] Campeonato Femenil de Kaoz: Tiffany vs Julissa vs Keyra vs Ayako Hamada vs Natalia Markova (posted by mluchatv) Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
Keyra pinned Julissa to win the title.
5) Emperador Azteca, Komander, Tonalli b Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Dark Scoria Emperador Azteca, Tonalli y Komander vs La Secta | Lucha completa | 39 Aniversario Blue Demon Jr. (posted by mluchatv) Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
Tonalli's debut as a KAOZ contracted wrestler.
6) Fresero Jr. & Mr. Iguana b Dinámico & Pierroth Jr. Los Parientes: Fresero Jr. y Mr. Iguana vs Pierroth Jr. y Dinámico | Lucha completa | Kaoz (posted by mluchatv) Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
Old partners Fresero Jr. and Mr. Iguana (a surprise) were reunited for one night. Fresero thanked Iguana for teaming wiht him after the match.
7) Alpha Wolf & Dragón Bane b El Cobarde & Marty Scurll and Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. [KAOZ TAG] Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
Cobarde fouled Dragon Bane, but Alpha Wolf did the same to Cobrade and Dragon Bane got the pin.
8) Blue Demon Jr. b Matt Cardona, Cibernético, Pagano Membresía  (posted by mluchatv)
Demon submitted Cibernetico after a distraction by Hijo de Blue Demon

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