Big Lucha (SAT) 05/04/2024 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal [thecubsfan]
1) Helios, Nordico, Wisin El Dog b Golden Dragón (Illinois), Ryu Orochi, Sangre Nueva
2) Marishka & Sairley b Diosa Nix & Sussy Love Sussy Love y Diosa Nix vs Marishka y Sairely | Big Lucha World (posted by BIG LUCHA )
14:15. Members of the WWS roster helped Marishika win, taunted la Brava for nto showing up.
3) Auzter, Borgdan Klimov, M2R b Cósmico, La Bomba, Reiyel Reiyel, La Bomba y Cósmico vs Auzter, Bogdan y M2R | Primaguerra '24 #biglucha (posted by BIG LUCHA )
4) El Brujo, Limbo, Torito Negro Jr. b Caballero de Plata, El Potro de Oro, Mr. Win Potro de Oro, Mr Win y Caballero de Plata vs Limbo, Torito Negro y Brujo | Primaguerra '24 (posted by BIG LUCHA )
6:31. Chaman Jr. accompanied the rudos and interfered a lot. Sol helped the rudos, who said they were the Heel Flyers. Potro wanted a super libre rematch for the next show.
5) Atómico Jr., Elipse, Iku b El Mexicano, Orbita, Viajero Viajero, Órbita y El Mexicano vs Elipse, Vengador y Atómico Jr | Primaguerra '24 #biglucha (posted by BIG LUCHA )
17:01. Mexicano replaced Big Tao Tao (health issue), though he only turned up after the rudos attacked Mr. Big. Elipse got the win this time.
6) Ricky Marvin b Australian Suicide Ricky Marvin vs Australian Suicide | Primaguerra '24 #biglucha (posted by BIG LUCHA )
13:14. Marvin and Suicide praised each other post match.
7) Cometa Maya & Radioactivo b Súper Nova & Texano Jr. © [BIG LUCHA MIXA] Campeonatos MIXA: Sangre Texana (C) vs Delta Force | Primaguerra '24 #biglucha (posted by BIG LUCHA )
18:42. Maya & Radioactivo are the third champions, champ for a second time.

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