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WrestlerID: 7092

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
ASF 1900-01-01 current --- 18447
Antonio San Francisco 1990-01-01 current --- 18448

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2023-05-20 Arena Kilowatts, Río Bravo, Tamaulipas ASF, Mortal USA, Silver Tiger vs Brillante, Nefasto, Thunder and Asal Castillo, Heavy Rock, Mini Hator
2023-06-08 CCF HQ Warehouse, Laredo, Texas Aramis vs ASF, Decimus
2023-06-17 Ignite Traning Facility, Laredo, Texas Antonio San Francisco & Saga vs Dark Cobra & Dragster
2023-06-24 Casablanca Event Center, Laredo, Texas ASF © b Aero Boy [LUCHA MANIAKS CHAMP] Lucha Maniaks - Cuando Calienta el Sol | ASF vs Aero Boy por el Campeonato Interncional (posted by mluchatv)
2023-06-24 Casablanca Event Center, Laredo, Texas Mr. Leo b ASF © [Lucha Maniaks CHAMP]
Mr. Leo, masquerading as an Iluminado, challenged ASF to an immediate title match andwon.
2023-07-29 Casablanca Event Center, Laredo, Texas ASF vs Lucky Star Mano a Mano: ASF vs Lucky Star | Lucha Maniaks (posted by mluchatv)
2023-08-19 ARena 2000, Laredo, Texas Antonio San Francisco, Aragon, Colmillo De Lobo Jr. vs Baby Phat, Colmillo De Lobo, Súper Baby
2023-09-29 Casablanca Event Center, Laredo, Texas Laredo Kid b Antonio San Francisco ©, Hijo Del Vikingo, Black Taurus [Lucha Maniaks CHAMP] Lucha Maniaks: ¡Hijo del Vikingo vs Laredo Kid vs Taurus vs ASF! por el Campeonato | YHLQMDLG Pt. 3 (posted by mluchatv)
Vikingo wrestled but also left the match early
2023-09-30 Laredo Event Center, Laredo, Texas Colmillo De Lobo Jr. vs Antonio San Francisco
2023-10-06 Arena Coliseo Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Killer Boy, Máscara Brillante, Nefasto vs Antonio San Francisco, Decimus, Dragster
Upcoming Matches
2023-11-26 Casablanca Event Center, Laredo, Texas Aragon, ASF, Razko vs Aero Boy, Cuervo, Dulce Gardenia
2023-12-01 Arena Lucha Time, Monterrey, Nuevo León Baby Xtreme vs ASF, El Enviado, Spyder Jr.

Last 5 Aired TV Matches:

Air Date Show Match

Recommended Matches:

Date Location Match Rating
2022-07-01 Bandidos Gym, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Komander b Jack Cartwheel, ASF, Cometa Maya, Noisy Boy ASF VS Jack Carthwheel VS Komander VS Cometa Maya VS Noisy Boy | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) Komander vs Cometa Maya vs Jack Carwheel vs ASF 1 Aniversario BIG LUCHA/BANDIDOS GYM (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Komander Vs Noisy Boy Vs Cometa Maya Vs ASF Vs Jack Carwheel, 1er Aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) great

Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2019 - All 2 1 0 0 1 100%
2021 - All 16 0 1 0 15 0%
2022 - All 18 2 4 0 12 33%
Total 36 3 5 0 28 37%

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