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Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
IWRG Top Guest tecnico 2012-11-13 2013-02-26

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WrestlerID: 2633

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Boycot 2011-01-01 current --- --- --- 4936
Boykot 2011-01-01 current --- --- --- 4939
Boicot 2011-01-01 current --- --- --- 4940
Boikot 2011-01-01 current --- --- --- 5623

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2013-05-11 Arena Lopez Mateos Sangre De Lobo & Stryker b Boikot & Sublime and Burugues & Virtual and Barbie Dl & Ejecutor [Interclubs de Parejas, quarterfinal]
Sublime replaced Halcon Guerrero
2013-06-01 Arena Lopez Mateos Boicot & Olin b Balam Big & Sublime
2013-09-29 Arena Lopez Mateos Centella Oriental, Euro, Matrix Jr., Seiya b Boikot, Power Bull, Sangre De Lobo, Stryker
2013-11-24 Arena Lopez Mateos Artillero De La Muerte, Lord Freez, Sublime vs Black Doku, Boykot, Xcorpio
2013-12-25 Arena Neza Freelance, Neza Kid, Sublime vs Boicot, Mike Segura, Súper Kool
2014-02-01 Arena Neza Hermano Muerte II, Hermano Muerte III, Warrior Steel Jr. b Boicot, Dr. Karonte, Súper Colt
2014-04-06 Arena Lopez Mateos Ángelus, Babel, Black Belt, Black Doki, Crazy Clown, Hijo Del Soberbio, Rayito Mendoza, Súper Colt vs Boicot, Comando X, Furia Azteca, Hijo de Zumbido, Hijo del Villano III, Maligno Negro, Robin Maravilla, Sublime [seeding battle royal]
2014-05-31 Callejon del Pino, Xochimilco, Distrito Federal Conquistador Cortez, Príncipe Aztlán, Rata Tatuada vs Black Danger, Boicot, Súper Colt
2015-06-14 Arena Poza Rica, Poza Rica, Veracruz Angeluz & Magneto vs Boicot & Meteoro
2015-06-21 Nueva Arena Poza Rica, Poza Rica, Veracruz Angeluz & Boicot vs Astro Satanico & King Lion
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Air Date Show Match

10 Most Recent Uploaded Matches:

Match Date Show Match
2011-10-01 Foro Cultural Mujam, Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal Boikot, Halcón Diabólico II, Halcón Guerrero b Alacran Dorado, Escorpión Dorado Jr., Mr. Leo Escorpión Dorado, Alacrán Dorado y Mr. Leo vs. Halcon Guerrero, Halcon Diabolico II y ¿? ( (posted by asrafilarkangel)
2013-02-26 Arena Naucalpan Centvrión, Dr. Siniestro, Dragón Celestial, Eita, Eterno, Galaxy, Imposible, Serpiente de Oro b Boycot, Flehyzer, Holkan, Jhon Crazy, Kiuby, Mr. Leo, Rey Tabú, Vuelo Espacial [copa Higher Power] Highlights (posted by TVLuchaMundial) Highlights (posted by TVC Deportes)
FILL vs Konkreto, though Fuerza Guerrera was not there for his students this time. Dr. Siniestro replaced Alan Extreme. Match came down to Imposible & Eterno vs Jhon Crazy & Mr. Leo. Mr. Leo, who has appeared on IWRG shows of late, didn't get along with his team during the match and had a falling out at this point. Crazy used the ropes to beat Eterno, Leo argues with Crazy over tactics and accidental shots before fouling Crazy, Imposible pinned Crazy and then pinned Leo when Leo gave up. Gym Konkreto was very upset with Mr. Leo, who asked for asylum with the IWRG squad. Imposible seemed okay with it.
2014-02-01 Arena Neza Hermano Muerte II, Hermano Muerte III, Warrior Steel Jr. b Boicot, Dr. Karonte, Súper Colt

Recommended Matches:

Date Location Match Rating
2012-11-13 Arena Naucalpan Boykot, Flemyzeer, Halcón Diabólico, Jhon Crazy, Kiuby, Mr. Leo, Rey Espacial, Rey Tabú b Alan Extreme, Centvrión, Dinamic Black, Eita, Eterno, Imposible, Saruman, Violencia Jr. [Copa Higher Power]
FILL trainees vs Gimnasio Fuerza Konkreto (Fuerza Guerrera). Kimby impressed of the Fuerza guys. Match came down to Mr. Leo vs Centviron, with Fuerza intefering to give his guy the win. Black Terry was very unhappy, and their were rematches and other challenges made.

Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2011 - All 6 2 2 0 2 50%
2012 - All 6 4 1 0 1 80%
2013 - All 9 1 4 0 4 20%
2014 - All 3 0 1 0 2 0%
2015 - All 2 0 0 0 2
Total 26 7 8 0 11 46%

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