Promotion History:

Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
AAA Opener Regular rudo 1997-10-01 1997-11-16
AAA Opener Regular rudo 1998-04-02 1998-05-20
AAA Top Regular rudo 2001-01-21 2001-04-27
AAA Mid Regular rudo 2001-09-16 2001-09-16
AAA Top Regular rudo 2002-01-18 2006-10-04
AAA Top Regular tecnico 2006-10-05 2008-08-31
IWRG Top Regular rudo 2010-05-20 2010-05-20
AAA Top Regular rudo 2008-09-01 2040-01-02

Name History

Name Start Date End Date Arena
Magnum 1998-04-15 1998-05-20 ---
Quinto Elemento 1997-01-01 2001-01-01 ---
M357 1997-01-01 2001-01-01 ---
Chessman 1900-01-01 2100-01-01 ---

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2019-12-19 Unidad Deportiva, Cuautla, Morelos Niño Hamburguesa, Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Abismo Negro Jr., Chessman, King Balam
2019-12-20 Palenque, Moroleón, Guanajuato Aerostar, Argenis, Drago vs Averno, Chessman, Histeria II
2019-12-22 Palenque de la Feria, Silao, Guanajuato Psycho Clown vs Murder Clown, Chessman
2019-12-25 Deportivo Reynosa, Azcapotzalco, Distrito Federal Máximo & Pagano vs Chessman & Parka Negra
2019-12-25 Arena Naucalpan Psycho Clown b Chessman, Pagano, King Balam Psycho Clown vs Chessman vs Pagano vs Kinh Balam, Cuadrangular en Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) Psycho Clown vs Pagano vs Chessman vs King Balam desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
King Balam was moved up as the mystery person
2020-01-01 Arena Neza Joe Lider L Pagano, Texano Jr., Mr. Águila, Máximo, Mocho Cota Jr., Chessman, Carta Brava, Averno [cage, hair] ¡¡¡ 9 CABELLERAS EN JUEGO EN JAULA DESDE LA ARENA NEZA !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Chesman vs Joe Líder  !!!CABELLERA vs CABELLERA !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Chessman Vs Joe Líder en duelo de cabelleras en la Arena Neza 01 enero 2020 (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) final en jaula de cabelleras Joe Líder VS Chessman en ARENA NEZA (posted by HECTOR GODFREY TV) Jaula de Cabelleras: Pagano, Texano, OGT´s, Mr. Águila, Joe Lider, Poder del Norte, Máximo (posted by mluchatv) JOE LÍDER  3 ARENAS,  CAR THE CRASH, LÓPEZ MATEOS Y PIERDE CABELLERA EN JAULA EN LA NEZA CON LOS AAA (posted by HECTOR GODFREY TV) Joe Líder pierde la cabellera ante Chessman en lucha en jaula en la Arena Neza (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Lucha En Jaula, por las cabelleras. Arena Neza 01 Enero 2020 (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Máscara vs Máscara: Súper Nova vs Neza Kid | Sunday Night Lucha (posted by mluchatv) PAGANO SERÁ LA PRÓXIMA CABELLERA, CHESSMAN, YA TENGO LA DE JOE LÍDER (posted by hector godfrey)
Joe Lider lost his hair to Chessman.
2020-01-03 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla, Puebla Alebrije, Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Chessman, Dave The Clown, Parka Negra
2020-01-06 Arena Neza Joe Lider, Pagano, Psycho Clown b Chessman, Dave The Clown, Murder Clown Murder Clown, Dave The Clown y Chessman vs Pagano, Psycho Clown y Joe Líder - Arena Neza (posted by +LuchaTV) Psycho Clown, Pagano llenan la Arena Neza con Joe Lider VS Murder Clown, Dave The Clown y Chessman (posted by hector godfrey) Psycho Clown, Pagano y Joe Líder vs Chesman, Murder Clown y Dave the Clown en la Arena Neza (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Lider got a revenge win over Chessman.
2020-01-15 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí Octagón Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Chessman, Joe Lider, Texano Jr.
2020-01-25 Pepsi Center WTC, Benito Juárez, Distrito Federal Aerostar, Drago, Pagano DQ Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, Monsther Clown *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch)) PAGANO, Drago y Aerostar Vs BLUE DEMON, Chessman y Monsther en CDMX | LO MEJOR (posted by Lucha Libre AAA)
11:38. Blue Demon spit mist at Drago (!?!) and then used the hammer on him. Referee caught him using the hammer for the DQ. Demon continued to use the hammer and wanted Monster Clown to do the same. Monster Clown (now wearing half facepaint) refused and the rudos attacked him. Psycho & Murder Clown made the save, reforming Psycho Circus. LA Park, Bestia and Rush attacked the Circus, leading into the main event.
Upcoming Matches
2020-02-14 Palenque de la Feria, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes Myzteziz Jr. & Octagón Jr. vs Averno & Chessman
2020-03-01 Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Pagano vs Chessman [Copa Flama Roja]

Last 5 Aired TV Matches:

Air Date Show Match
2019-11-17 AAA on Twitch Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown b Averno, Blue Demon Jr., Chessman * CONQUISTA TOTAL en CIUDAD JUÁREZ Parte 1 | Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (posted by Lucha Libre AAA)
2019-11-30 AAA on Twitch Averno, Chessman, Taurus b Pagano, Psycho Clown, Puma King * CONQUISTA TOTAL en VERACRUZ | Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (posted by luchalibreaaatv)
2019-12-01 AAA on Twitch Monsther Clown L Psycho Clown, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr., Chessman, Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Aerostar [cage, hair, mask] * Triplemania Regia COMPLETA | Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (posted by luchalibreaaatv)
2019-12-14 AAA on Twitch Chessman, Killer Kross, Taurus, Texano Jr. b Murder Clown, Pagano, Puma King, Willie Mack [tlc] *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))
2020-01-25 AAA on Twitch Aerostar, Drago, Pagano DQ Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, Monsther Clown *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch)) PAGANO, Drago y Aerostar Vs BLUE DEMON, Chessman y Monsther en CDMX | LO MEJOR (posted by Lucha Libre AAA)

Recommended Matches:

Date Location Match Rating
2018-12-08 Arena Xalapa, Xalapa, Veracruz Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana b Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly *  (posted by Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch)) OGT´S VS Poder del Norte Gira de Conquista 8 de diciembre Xalapa (posted by Juan Carlos)
14:52. Carta Brava Jr. beat Super Fly with the Air Raid Crash. OGT offered respect, then attacked Poder del Norte after the match.
2018-06-03 Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, Nuevo León Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly b Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana [hair] * * El Poder del Norte vs OGT´S   ¡¡¡ Cabelleras vs Cabelleras en Verano de Escándalo !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Verano de Escándalo 2018 Parte 1 | Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (posted by Lucha Libre AAA)
17:14. Match was fought under no DQ rules, though Piero still called for a rope break on a pin and attempted to stop either team from using glass beer bottles. Piero was eventually taken out, Cota got the bottle, and his swing hit Carta Brava by mistake. Super Fly wiped out Cota with a chair shot and covered Brava for the win. Averno recognized the quality of the Poder del Norte team after the match, seemingly ending the feud. All three Poder del Norte got their heads shaved.
2018-05-18 Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacán, Puebla Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana b Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly * * TEHUACÁN Parte 1 - Lucha Libre  AAA Worldwide 2018 (posted by Lucha Libre AAA)
bloody brawl.
2016-03-23 Plaza de Toros Monumental El Paseo, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí Averno & Chessman © b Daga & Joe Lider and Argenis & Australian Suicide [TLC, AAA TAG] * Chessman y Averno vs Daga y Joe Lider vs Australian y Argenis, Campeonato de Parejas AAA (posted by +LuchaTV) Rey de Reyes 2016 - Parte 1 - Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide - Abril 2016 (posted by luchalibreaaatv)
first defense. Argenis replaced Jack Evans (illness). Chessman won after Averno was stretchered out.
2014-03-16 Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, Nuevo León Chessman b Villano IV [AAA LA] * Intro to AAA on Televisa: 2014-03-29 (2014 Rey de Reyes Part 2) (posted by thecubsfan) Villano IV vs Chessman for the AAA Latin American Championship (posted by thecubsfan)
Villano IV replaced Blue Demon Jr., facing Chessman for the vacant title. Demon appeared in a pre-tape, vacating the title and saying he couldn't be there due to family issues. He's the second straight champion to vacant (following LA Park, who was champion when his contract expired.) Match was moved to earlier in the card and was a violent bloody match. Seconds appeared to be Fantasma and Alan Stone. Chessman is the 4th Champion.
2014-02-09 Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México Chessman, Daga, Pentagón Jr. b Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans * Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Chessman, Daga, Pentagón Jr. (posted by thecubsfan)
Pentagon beat Suicide.
2013-07-15 Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacán, Puebla Angélico & Jack Evans b Chessman & Eterno * Fusion (posted by TERCERACAIDANET)
Jack 630 senton on Eterno.
2013-05-12 Plaza de Toros, Durango, Durango Argos, Chessman, Halloween b Angélico, Drago, Jack Evans * * Intro (posted by thecubsfan) Televisa (posted by thecubsfan) UTDN (posted by thecubsfan)
Chessman beat Drago with a top rope legdrop. Rolling with the momentum of such a big win, Chessman challenged Texano for a title shot. Texano again said Heavy Metal is washed up as a luchador, so no title match for Heavy Metal. Texano ruled Chessman was a quality luchador who give him a good fight, and so accepted Chessman's challenge.
2011-07-16 Plaza de Toros La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador b Drago, Heavy Metal, Joe Lider * AAA DRAGO,HEAVY METAL,JOE LIDER ORIZABA 16 JULIO 2011 (posted by decadas80s90s2000)
Earlier in the show, Joaquin appeared in the ring to announce Nicho is free to leave AAA. Nicho, free to leave AAA, came thru the audience to talk to Joaquin. He first apologized to Marisela, because he should have been blaming Joaquin instead. Nicho threatened violence, security and Joe Lider got involved, and Nicho declared that if Joe Lider was with Joaquin, they were no longer friends. Nicho reappeared during this match, attacking Lider. Silver beat Metal after a combination of moves. Mascots feuded in this match.

Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
1997 - All 3 1 2 0 0 33%
1998 - All 7 2 5 0 0 28%
2001 - All 10 3 5 0 2 37%
2002 - All 56 9 25 0 22 26%
2003 - All 63 9 18 1 35 33%
2004 - All 67 19 42 0 6 31%
2005 - All 109 16 53 0 40 23%
2006 - All 139 21 49 2 67 30%
2007 - All 154 39 32 2 81 54%
2008 - All 183 30 36 1 116 45%
2009 - All 144 24 44 1 75 35%
2010 - All 98 16 30 3 49 35%
2011 - All 111 21 34 0 56 38%
2012 - All 89 19 32 0 38 37%
2013 - All 87 12 29 1 45 29%
2014 - All 76 15 24 1 36 38%
2015 - All 78 11 25 1 41 31%
2016 - All 100 16 29 2 53 36%
2017 - All 99 14 31 0 54 31%
2018 - All 101 14 23 1 63 38%
Total 1774 311 568 16 879 35%

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