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Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
IWRG Mid Occasional tecnico 2015-10-07 2015-10-07
IWRG Mid Occasional tecnico 2017-08-23 2020-03-16

Name History

Name Start Date End Date Arena
Chicanito 1900-01-01 2100-01-01 ---

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2020-01-26 Arena Naucalpan Black Dragón, Chicanito, Legendario DQ Canival King, Carnicero, Death Metal Black Dragón, Legendario y Chicanito vs Death Metal, Canival King y Carnicero (posted by Estrellas del Ring) GRAN TRIANGULAR DE PAREJAS DOMINGO 26 DE ENERO | IWRG ARENA NAUCALPAN (posted by IWRG tv) XL VIII Campeonato Nacional de Exteriores 2020 (posted by Internetv Deportes)
Metal tried to foul Black Dragon, Dragon faked it, fouled him and faked his own file.
2020-01-29 Arena Naucalpan Chicanito, Príncipe Aéreo, Salchichita vs Carnicero, Dinámico, Tromba CARNICERO,TROMBA Y DINÁMICO VS CHICANITO, PRINCIPE AÉREO Y SALCHICHITA (posted by hector godfrey) Príncipe Aéreo, Salchichita y Chicanito vs Carnicero, Tromba, Dinámico (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
2020-02-16 Arena Apan, Apan, Hidalgo Chicanito & El Divino vs Galactus & Shadow
2020-02-16 Arena Naucalpan Ambu, Hijo De Payaso Purasanta, Manchas, Pantera Jr., Payaso Purasanta, Rayado, Rudigo, Verzal b Águila Oriental Jr., Chef Benito, Chicanito, Legendario, Lunatik Extreme, Puma de Oro, Rey Halcón, Voltrex [Copa Higher Power] Copa High Power | Revolución IWRG (posted by mluchatv) Gym Tepito vs Gym FILL - Por la Copa Highpower IWRG - Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) GYM TEPITO VS GYM FILL POR LA COPA HIGH POWER ARENA NAUCALPAN (posted by HECTOR GODFREY TV) Gym Tepito vs Gym FILL-IWRG  ¡¡¡ POR LA COPA HIGH POWER !!! (posted by ) LUCHA LIBRE Iwrg Arena Naucalpan (posted by Internetv Deportes)
Gym Tepito (Rugido) vs Gym FILL (Puma de Oro). Team Welcome To My Barrio won when Warrior snuck in to foul Puma de Oro and Payaso Purasanta picked up the win. Many brawls between the teams.
2020-02-23 Arena Naucalpan Canival King & Voltrex b Águila Oriental Jr. & Chicanito Caníbal King y Voltrex vs Chicanito y Aguila Oriental Jr en la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Chic4nito y Voltr3x Vs Águila Ori3ntal  y Caniv4al King (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Lucha Libre IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes)
2020-02-29 Arena Tepito, Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal Hijo De Purasanta, Payaso Purasanta, Payaso Purasanta Jr. DQ Chicanito, Death Metal, Puma de Oro Welcome To Mi Barrio, 2da Temporada Capítulo 2 | Arena Tepito (posted by +LuchaTV)
Black Warrior ran in for the DQ.
2020-03-05 Arena Naucalpan Chicanito & Shadow Boy b Canibal King & Voltrex Chicanito y Shadow Boy vs Canibal King y Voltrex desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Chicanito y Shadow Boy VS Voltrex y Canibal King ARENA NAUCALPAN NEW CONCEPT (posted by hector godfrey)
2020-03-08 Arena Naucalpan Chicanito b Voltrex LUCHA LIBRE DESDE LA AREANA NAUCALPAN, ESPECIAL DIA DE LA MUJER (posted by Internetv Deportes)
2020-03-16 Arena Naucalpan Black Warrior, Hijo De Payaso Pura Santa, Payaso Pura Santa, Payaso Pura Santa Jr. b Black Terry, Chicanito, Death Metal, Puma de Oro En Vivo | Revolución IWRG (posted by +LuchaTV) Lucha Libre IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes) Welcome to my Barrio vs Gym FILL-IWRG ¡¡¡ A PUERTA CERRADA !!! desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) WTMB VS IWRG - IWRG - Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv)
Warrior snuck in a foul on Terry
2020-03-17 Col. San Jose, Tláhuac, Distrito Federal Chicanito vs Steel Dragón
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Last 5 Aired TV Matches:

Air Date Show Match
2018-01-04 IWRG Zona XXI X-Corpio L Diablo Jr., Dragón Bane, Ram El Carnero, Fulgor II, Guerrero 2000, Motocross, Chicanito, Cadillac, Lunatik Extreme [mask, hair, cage] *  (posted by Google Drive) Guerra de Escuelas, lucha en Jaula con máscaras y cabelleras en juego, en IWRG (posted by +LuchaTV) Guerra de Escuelas, Lucha en Jaula con máscaras y cabelleras en juego, en IWRG TV (posted by IWRG tv)
2018-02-06 IWRG Zona XXI Dranzer, Full Contact, Hausser b Chicanito, Dragón Infernal, Power Bull *
2018-04-21 IWRG Zona XXI Ángel Oriental, Dranzer, Hijo Del Bombero vs Black Puma, Chicanito, Voltar * Ángel Oriental, Dranzer e Hijo del Bombero vs Chicanito, Voltar y Black Puma (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
2018-05-12 IWRG Zona XXI Arquero, Fly Tiger, Mexica b Carnicero, Chicanito, Dinámico * MEXICA ARQUERO Y FLY TIGER VS vs CHICANITO CARNICERO Y DINÁMICO (posted by Tortas Súper Astro y Sin Aflojar Videoblog) Mexica, Arquero, Fly Tiger vs Chicanito, Carnicero y Dinámico en la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
2018-05-29 IWRG Zona XXI Atomic Star b Chicanito *

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Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2013 - All 1 0 1 0 0 0%
2014 - All 8 2 4 0 2 33%
2015 - All 20 4 9 0 7 30%
2017 - All 7 4 2 0 1 66%
2018 - All 35 9 12 0 14 42%
2019 - All 36 11 8 1 16 57%
Total 107 30 36 1 40 45%

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